Haiku L Series Updated Firmware

I've been, with some success, controlling my Haiku L Series fans using community drivers. They access the fans directly via their IP addresses, providing local control. I admit, these fans seem to have been one of those "the first, but now not the best" thigns when it comes to their "smart" components. Changing the WiFi password/setup is an exercise in pain!

So, I went through that today. It was necessary sadly. Got one fan out of 4 working so far. As I was proceeding through this process, the Haiku app informed me there is now a new app from Big ■■■ Fans to control the fans. Many improvements were mentioned, but some limitations too. Of course, this will require a firmware update to my fans. The app was kind enough to put the fear of failure into me by pointing out the upgrade is irreversible.

Has anyone taken the plunge on this latest firmware update for these fans? If so, did it fix any problems, or more importantly, cause any new ones? My greatest fear is it may mean these community drivers for Hubitat may no longer function.

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