Haier Europe sends take down notice to HA developer

GE sold their appliance operations to Haier a few years ago. As part of that deal, they have the rights to use the GE name for something like 10 or 20 years. The only things GE actually makes anymore is aircraft engines and avionics. They have sold off everything else. Anything still using the GE name is just using the name under a trademark use agreement.

I thought that was clear from the thread topic and my post.

If I can't engage and control a thing locally, I'm not much interested in having it in our home anymore. I guess a few things are unavoidable, but whenever possible, I've started avoiding things that require cloud control. And I'll never buy another Chamberlain product, period, after that MyQ slap in the face. Happy to add Haier to the list. Note to self - no more GE appliances.


Appliances are easier to blacklist than heat pumps and ACs (on rental properties/condos/etc, for example)

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