Just gonna drop this amazon recommendation here...


I found a newer and cheaper model. It's also local processing. For a pair as well!


I might recommend these to go along with that router... I mean I knew Hue stuff was kind of premium but... the additional $.50 might dissuade me though.


Did you check your locale/currency settings? No way those prices are USD... right?


Yep USD... :scream:

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Scalpers sometimes bump the prices up super high... and sometimes people post items with absurd prices because just one accidental sale can made their year (no returns allowed or it is a scam anyways).

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Possible an attempt at money laundering, who knows.

I think the forgot to mention that the home to install it in is included, but shipping isn’t.

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Also I think sometimes they use those products as placeholders - not really intending to actually sell them but to hold the storefront or something...


Maybe. A couple times I have seen items listed at very low prices also... Like a mistaken entry. MOST times they will cancel the order but I have read where sometimes people actually get the deal and it is not a fake, just an accident.

That Hue one seems a little strange because it's Prime and says ships from and sold by Amazon.

I reported it as invalid price. We'll see if they take it down or not.

Actually it might be right... it's a warehouse pallet with 325 white and color starter kits ($180 ea) and 325 smart buttons ($20 ea). Who is the target buyer for this? Condo/apartment developers? Can't be targeted at online storefront startups... nobody pays retail pricing for a bulk package.

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That disclaimer was not showing when I first found it:

This bundle contains 650 items

But totally makes sense now - still seems kind of odd though.

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