Hacked wink relay with the homebridge plugin..2. With hue lights?

  1. If I root the wink relay, then add it to h.e will it then port into HomeKit via homebridge?
    What does it look like in homekit? 2 separate buttons for the relays? Sensors?

  2. My wink relay top button is connected to hue lights (mistake). With hue apps to work the power must always be on, making my top button useless. With it rooted in h.e can I make the top relay always on, but program the bottom to toggle the hue lights, not the actual relay?

I am not familiar with the Wink Relay, but in general you can wire nut the "line" and "load" together with a third new wire. Then just run that new single wire into the "line" on the relay and cap off or leave out the "load" wire on the relay itself. People do this with smart switches all the time.

What you are doing is powering the Relay and also providing the device (smart bulb, etc) with continuous power. The Relay then becomes an input signal into the Hubitat, and the smart bulb (or whatever) gets controlled by Hubitat and not the Relay.

Again, I have never done this with a Relay itself, but it should work fine. I think I even remember people using a Relay with just a lamp cord powering it like in a wooden table stand or something.

First is how the relay is probably wired (except the white neutral wire and bare ground wire I left off). Second is the revised setup.