H801 and dumb switches

So, I'm still slowly working through my house refurbishment while experimenting with smart tech so that I'm ready to install what I need when I need it.

Last night I flashed ericm's smartlife rgbw firmware onto my h801 led module.

And having a small play with it, I grasp that hubitat can now turn on and off and alter the various light colours and brightness etc, which is great.

Now for some of my led lighting I think for the bathroom as example I'll have it on a motion sensor with some rules applied basing brightness upon time of day/night etc.

Now my hallway I was planning some led coving lighting, and I am hoping I could set this up with geofencing from my phone so when I'm home it comes on, which would be cool.

But the bit I think is important is having a dumb switch to be able to turn the led lighting off and on for regular people. All other lighting circuits in the house are using fibaro dimmers, so all my switches are momentary push to make switches.

So what I'm asking is, what can I use to be able to use these dumb switches to be able to turn the h801 on and off.....

I hope that all makes as much sense to others as it does to me :joy::joy:

If you hook your dumb switch up to something like a Sonoff MINI or Shelly One, you can use it to trigger a rule in HE...

Ah ok, definitely 2 routes I will investigate

In am ideal world I'd like the led system to operate in the same fashion as the fibaro's push to turn off or on and hold to dim