GV to determine delay length

Hi, I have recently worked out how to use some rule mateh I'll spare the detail but ultimately I have a GV which gives me a time between 1-24 seconds which opens my skylights using a virtual dimmer (will open my skylights). The math is good and tallies up but I can't work out how to get the GV number to be used in a delayed action. So if the GV is 15, the rule would run:

on switch,
off switch delayed 15 seconds (15 seconds pulled from GV)

I just can't work out how to use a GV to determine the delay as the delays seem to be a manually entered field. Thanks in advance for helping. Sorry for the lack of quality in this request. I'm writing from my phone

Use this for the seconds field of the delay:


Try to enter %GV-name% in the seconds field

Brilliant, thanks again guys. I couldn't find that anywhere. Outstanding!