GV connector. Does editing the device label break the connection?


Bruce, If you edit the device label for a Global Variable Connector, should the connection to it's GV remain intact?

I was just being lazy having created a string GV and connector with a name that it turned out wasn't ideal for dashboard display. Rather than create a new one and adjust the rules that used it, I thought I might get away with just changing the device label. But when I had changed the label and set a new string value via the device page the GV didn't change to reflect it. Changing the label back restored the connection.

I've now just created a new GV and connector with the correct label anyway but just wondered if this was expected behaviour?

Unrelated to the OP's question (sorry Geoff!) but this is another compelling reason to have the ability to edit the dashboard tile's device label or have a device "alias" that can be used for the dashboard.

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It shouldn't be a problem since the label is only linked to the device for display purposes. The device network ID is what is used to link the device to the apps that it works with. For example, if you change the label for a switch, you don't have to go back into all of your simple lighting apps and rebuild them. The same should be the case here. If you are seeing that it isn't then that might be a bug.

That's what I thought too, but my testing suggests otherwise.

I've just repeated the test from scratch.

Create a string GV. Create a connector. Edit connector Device Label to something new. Set String value in device page. It updates in the device page but the GV itself doesn't update.

Rename connector back to original and then the GV reflects device value changes again.

Could be a bug because the label should have nothing to do with the connector.

Right now, no. The mechanism depends on the device label.

Should it? Probably not.

Does it have to? It could be changed, and perhaps should be changed. However, changing it without breaking every existing connector would be very tricky. I will look into it.

This is not true with respect to connectors. These are a special type of device intimately linked to Rule Machine in ways that are quite different than normal devices.

Well, that might explain some of the problems I've been seeing trying to use them then. Less of a problem as long as it's a known "issue". Would be great if it could be changed though since it is the only thing that does rely on device label.

OK. I don't think its a big problem especially now that I am aware of it. I'm still very grateful for even having the functionality at all so I'm not going to moan about the details of it.

I'm scratching my head about a way to change it without breaking current stuff. It may not be possible.

I figured out how to fix this without breaking everything. Next release. After that, the device label will be independent of the functioning of the connector, as it should have been in the first place.


Thanks Bruce.

This issue has been fixed in the latest hot fix release.


15 hours from mention of issue to release of fix. The Hubitat team continue to amaze. Brilliant support. :+1:


Ridiculous. Does anyone at Hubitat umm sleep? You guys don't suck even one little bit.