Guru help with my driveway

I have a driveway notification setup and am wondering if this is the best way to do it. Could be an easier way with less apps????? Maybe a better way????

Would be easier to comment if you described what you are trying to do / what you think it should do.


I want to be notified when someone comes on the property with my sonos saying "Arrival detected" and also when they leave "Departure detected" Another thing I want is to have a running total of vehicles on the property. What I don't want is when a large group is coming or leaving to be spammed a lot that is why I have the busy calculator.

I am getting this:

With This:

Bit of a shot in the dark.... Perhaps change the "1.0" to just 1 towards the end of the rule....

I tried that still error

This seems to be working now:

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