Guidelines on Xiaomi drivers

I had 2 HE units arrived around last 2 weeks ago but till now i can't make all my Xiaomi devices worked with HE. Obviously there was custom drivers released by someone here on github but seems there was no manual guidelines after successfully pairing it with HE. My devices was paired and also additional drivers that work as a switch but i'm stuck on how to implement it work with just turn on/off switch.

Thought migrating from Aqara hub to HE could let me play around with other hubs in single environment but it seems gives me headache. So basically i am disappointed with this alternative and looking ahead for other better alternatives.

What do you mean with "guidelines"? It's a bit of a long read now, but this thread has pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about users' experiences with these devices on Hubitat: Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you?. Basically, you'll need to follow a specific set of steps to get them paired, and you'll need to make sure you have the driver(s) for you device(s) installed. You also, therefore, need to know how to use custom drivers on Hubitat and how to check what driver a device is currently using and how to change it if needed.

Back to that thread, you don't even need to read the whole thing--the first post summarizes most of what you'll need to know. The biggest problem you're likely to encounter is "incompatible" repeaters--only a few are known to play well with Xiaomi devices. If your devices stay connected for a while but then "fall off," that is likely the case. If you're totally new to Zigbee, no repeaters at all could also be a problem: obviously the wireless signal has a limited range, but the hub can also only handle 32 directly-connected Zigbee devices. Repeaters allow you to grow this number, as devices that route through a repeater do not count against this limit (but remember the issue with Xiaomi and most repeaters).

However, it sounds like you're just having a problem using the devices. What device are you using? (A picture or model number may help--the English translations of their device names is odd at best and confusing at worst.) What driver are you using for it? (If it was automatically selected, that's probably the right one, but if you manually changed it, make sure it's right; the driver simply called "Device" means no driver was chosen, and it won't work for these.) Or if you're totally new to Hubitat, perhaps the device is working fine and you're just wondering how to actually make the device do something.

Feel free to ask about any specific problems--it's not clear to me what they are from your post. Hope this helps in the meantime!

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