Guidance/Tutorial for Setting Up Multiple Hubs

I have been advised to add a second hub to my system, with one hub handling only my smart light bulbs, and the other handling the switches and motion sensors. At this point EVERYTHING I have is Zigbee.

I've browsed the site and found a few discussions about using multiple hubs, but not anything that gives me a clear idea of just how to go about it. Could somebody point me in the right direction for how to go about it?

Many thanks in advance.

Take a look at the documentation on configuring Hub Mesh:

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Sounds like good advice. I've had two hubs for about 18 months. I have a very small system, but some devices are much better on a second hub. I have 6 Lightify smart 4 way button devices that don't do well unless they are end devices connected directly to the hub without going through repeaters. (lots of first button presses missed) Also have a couple of light bulbs that are problematic as they try (poorly) to be repeaters, also causing a lot of grief. I used Hubconnect until recently. I got a C7 a few weeks ago and changed all the shared devices to mesh. So far works great!
Once you understand how to do the initial setup it's very easy to incorporate. (see documentation @marktheknife linked)

Thank you for that, it makes the setup rather more clear. Somehow I'd missed finding it on my own.

A couple of related question here, regarding lightify bulbs.

First, will my HE hub work as a controller for a Lightify (or Ledvance, or whatever name they are running under now) bridge? IE, can I solve some of my bulb issues by using the Lightify bridge?

Second, is the Lightify bridge now an orphan product, without manufacturer support? As I recall, it was a cloud-centered device, which is why I never purchased one and have worked instead with local control and the HE. I've seen the Lightify bridge available for pretty cheap, but if it requires non-existent cloud support, that would be money thrown away.