Guest user, limited access with Hubitat app on iPhone?

I want to use 2 presence devices (2 iPhones), I installed the app on 2nd iPhone with a guest account. I created a separate dashboard for this person with just a few tiles.
Problem is the guest can access all my dashboards. I thought there was a way to limit what a guest can do/see?
The reason I'm using the app for the guest is I want the presence sensor.
This is not a local connection.
I thought it was easy but I cant seem to find the info.
Thanks in advance.

This thread, post 11:

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There is, but not with the Hubitat app installed on the guest user’s phone.

To expand a bit on the post above, you can give your guest a direct link to a dashboard, and in that dashboard’s settings page you can lock out access to your other dashboards.

There are several other options for presence sensing that don’t require the Hubitat app to be installed on their phone.

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Thank you, this will work and I just have to work on the presence sensor part.

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