GU10 Ultraviolet

Here's a niche product. Has anybody seen any smart GU10 ultraviolet bulbs? At this point I don't care if they are Zigbee, Z-wave, WiFi, or anything else I can tie into either Hubitat or HomeKit.

If not smart then how about dimmable GU10s? I would prefer to avoid running a second track but am willing to do so if that's the only option.


For dimmable: JSVSAL Dimmable Black Lights Bulb, 6W UVA Level 395-400nm LEDs

Thanks for the lead. I could swear I found a smart light about six months ago but no luck these days. That doesn't surprise me. Not a very mainstream device.

This is a totally experimental use. I want to make a hidden speakeasy in my home. In there I plan on using some framed B&W photography. The catch is that I want to double process the photos so that the B&W is strictly a monochrome image. Then I want to reprocess it in CMY, leaving out the black. Using a four color printer I'll use normal black ink and UV reactive CMY. The idea is that under normal lighting the picture will be B&W but as you slowly fade up the UV lights the colors will start to come out.

One track with smart bulbs would be preferable, but I can deal with two tracks side by side. One for the smart lights with constant power and one for the UV that is on a dedicated dimmer.

Will it work? :man_shrugging:t2: That has never stopped me when making art. :wink:


That sounds awesome!

I have no clue if it will work but the pieces are there. You can get an Epson Ecoflow printer and UV inks.

It would be amazing if the photos slowly turn to color as you have a few drinks. :smiley:

Keep in mind nanometer matters when it comes to UV. Anything much above 365 nanometer will produce a visible purple color, so keep that in mind with the effect you're trying to create.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of choices below 390. From there they jump to the potentially harmful. Not a lot in between.

I know it's not not GU10, but waveform has 365nm led strip lights, there are lots of options for strip lighting smart control and plenty of attractive options for encasing the strips. Just a thought.

I suspect they will still have a purple glow even if it is less noticeable. I wouldn’t mind running a couple of strips but I expect it would be more noticeable as a wall wash. Maybe I could build a custom frame with a built in strip?

That would probably work, and you could build it so that the driver sits behind the frame, this:
plus this:

Gets you super thin, in fact the thickest part would be the cord. I'd probably adapt a low-profile extension cord meant for going behind couches, cut the cord, cut the plug off of the led driver, and connect then with a pair of Waygo connectors. That assumes you have a wall socket available where you want the picture.

I use waveform 365 in professional installs and it works great!

I was looking at their products. I wish they had a gu10 offering but have some ideas for using a strip.