Groups (of Groups and Scenes) Do Not Appear In Devices

When a device is part of a Scene the Scene shows up in the Device under "In Use By" section.

It would be nice if Groups also showed up there - so we know what groups a device is a member of.

Interesting. My devices show the groups they belong in.

Mine don't:

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I just created a new group, much like your's, and sure enough, they do not appear in the device details. My original groups were 2.0. So, the issue seems to be in Groups 2.1.

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@bravenel Hey Bruce, is this your bailiwick?


@bravenel ?

I don't know what you are talking about. Please explain. When you create a Group, that creates a virtual device of the same name. If you use that device in an app, that app shows up in the In Use By section for the device.

If you include a device in a Group, then the Group shows up in the In Use By section for that device.

So, what's missing?

See my example in post 3. Group is missing in β€œin use by” section.

I'm not able to reproduce that behavior. Are you sure that you refreshed the device page? I just set up a brand new group, and put some devices in it. Opened one of the devices, and there it is (Check In Use By). I checked each device in the group, and all have the group in their In Use By section.

I just tried this again and found this problem is exclusive to Sengleds. Switches, strips, and Hue connected lights, all appear in the 'In Use By' least in my case.

I just created a test scene with all of my groups and individual lights that are not a part of a group. The group device page does show that they are in use by a scene:

A single light also shows that it's in use by the scene in it's device page:

The only way it doesn't show on the device page (at least here) is if it's part of a group and you are adding that group to the scene rather than individual lights:

All of these bulbs are Sengled RGBW color bulbs using the Sengled Element Color Plus driver.

I think it's all color and color temp lights that are not having their groups show up in In Use By. My CT and RGBW hue lights don't show up but my dimmable only hue lights list the groups that they are in. Sengled RGBW and Hue RGBW and CT do not display their groups under "In Use By".

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Here is another example - Back Bedroom Light is a Generic Zwave Dimmer. It is a member of Sleep Lights Group - but the group does NOT show up in the in use by section:

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