Groups Not Shown In Devices

New to HE. Just got the C7, making the switch from ST. Nice to be here!

This might be a simple lack of understanding, but I cannot find my groups in the mobile app. I searched here and did not find a topic that matched. As I understand it, groups are virtual devices that act on multiple other devices. My groups show up in the Devices list on the local device page, but not in the app, and Alexa has not been able to discover them either.

Am I missing a setup or is this just not yet supported?

I'm not the most qualified to respond but I do like to share what little I know! You select in your HE what you want to share with Alexa as a device. That is done commonly by adding an App to your HE that bridges between HE and Alexa - called the Amazon Echo Skill. From within that, you select the devices (and groups) that you want Alexa to see! Super powerful stuff.
In regards to Groups not showing in HE under devices - thats a topic I too was confused by. Groups are found in the Apps list under 'Groups and Scenes'. You may need to install it if it isn't already running in your HE. An icon at the top right of Apps allows you to select and install HE handled apps by clicking the 'Add Built-In App' button and going forth.

If you have a group device, did you authorize it to be on a dashboard? Devices do not automatically get added to dashboards, Alexa, or anything like that. You have to allow those to see your devices.

For dashboards, go to the Apps page, scroll down to Hubitat Dashboard app. Select one of your dashboards. In that dashboard setting page, there will be a box where you select your devices. Pick what you want, and "Done" to exit and save your selections.

Now you can go back to the actual dashboard, and add your group/scene device.

Same idea for Alexa. In the Apps section, Amazon Echo Skill, authorize the devices you want to expose to Alexa.

I have not yet even actually gotten the group to show on the Devices page in the mobile app, let alone add it to a Dashboard yet.

Good call on adding it to the Alexa Echo Skill, I had forgotten that part.

Those are two completely separate things.

And not every device currently shows on the Device section of the mobile app. That part is still very Beta, and staff has indicated it is a starting point for future use.

I figured as much. The mobile app is very rough.

I don't disagree, but it'll grow on you... Hubitat is really about enabling true automation, not just providing a different way to "manually" turn things on/off/etc, so once you get settled in with rules built an dthat sort of thing, you don't often use the app.

The dashboards where daunting to me coming from ST, but once I understood how they worked, I came around to really appreciating the flexibility they provide over a "stock" UI. My dashboartds are all super basic and pretty ugly (but they work great for me). There a ton of resources out there for making cool looking dashboards if you want to dive deeper in to that stuff.


Once you get used to using dashboards for those things you can't automate, you will most likely never even open the app. I don't even have it installed on my phone.


I probably need to spend some time on YouTube looking for some best-practices guides. My automations are pretty basic, and the things I was looking to accomplish are probably all done in smarter ways, but HE is new to me so I get to make rookie mistakes.

Lots of good videos here in the tutorials. Tutorials – HUBITAT

They are also on their Youtube channel, but the nice thing about that channel is the live chats. Some really good stuff was/is discussed in those live video sessions.


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