Groups and Scenes


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Is it possible to use a scene for random colors for RGBW bulbs?

I'd like to set a scene to just choose a random color with a PIco button press, then on an additional button press use another random color.


Just group the lights and use the button controller to set the lights to random on a press. Then each time you press the button it will change.


Wow - that was easy! I had to take a guess that the middle button on the Pico was #3 and I got it right the first time. Thanks!


I'm hoping someone can tell me if this is expected behavior with zigbee groups as well as integrated Hue lights. I can issue a setcolortemperature or hue and saturation to individual Sylvania RGBW bulbs and the bulb will remain off, which is nice because when I issue a setlevel from a dimmer or alexa, there is no transition from whatever it was previously set to. Unfortunately this does not work with zigbee groups or with the Hue lights individually or in groups (Hue bulbs connected to the Hue bridge). I also notice that only some of the lights in the group will update to the current state under devices, or in the dashboard, which means that my rules have become more complicated in order for the individual devices to show up properly, which seems to be necessary in order for dimming purposes with a button dimmer, otherwise I end up with some bulbs in a group not dimming because they don't appear to be "on". For example: If I send a setlevel command with zigbee group messaging to 9 bulbs, generally 3 or 4 of the bulbs won't be updated in the device this a bug ? @mike.maxwell or @bravenel


Can someone help me here as this is going to destroy my OCD, do I need both the scene and the capture or can I delete the capture ?

I haven't removed anything, but now my scenes have turned to not set, what does that mean? how do i change it ?

ah, and thirdly sorry - is there a tile that will show me the current activated scene ? can't seem to find one that reports the current scene


If you don't want the capture, then turn it off within the scene.

If you have the scene activated then that switch will remain on unless you have it ignoring turning the scene off.


@Ryan780 what is the capture for ?


can anyone help with the Scene (not set) please.
When I delete the scene and redo it it appears on, but after 24hrs I go back into it to edit it / tweak it asnd it turns to (not set) straight away before I even change anything.


The capture is to capture the settings of the scene. As in the lights levels and whatnot.

The reason the scene goes to not set is because you have it set to ignore the scene turning off. That's how a scene works. I recommend you read this article.


hey @Ryan780,
I captured the settings of the scene and then edited them with "adjust scene setting", as per the doc. Do you mean "ignore activate switch off" ?
I want the scene to be turned off when it switches to the next scene.
Why then does it say (ok) when I set it up, but 24hrs later when I click on it it turns to (not set) ?
im sorry, but i followed the doc, it wasnt working so I came here for help.

Enabling the Ignore activate switch off feature will prevent scenes from being turned off. This is useful to prevent Amazon Echo and Google Home device turning off lights if a user tries to turn off a scene. Lutron users will find this similar to the Set Scene function.


I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. You want one scene to turn off another scene? If you turn a scene off, it turns off all the lights included in that scene. It doesn't turn to the next scene.
The lights within the scene still match the settings within the scene? If not, then that is why the scene shows as "not set"....because it isn't. The lights are different than the settings within the scene.
I'm not sure that the scene app is going to do what you want it to do. It isn't clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. When you activate a scene, it applies those settings to the included lights. If you leave the off enabled, then turning the scene off, turns the lights off. When you say "next scene", you should should include all of the settings for all of the lights you want within that scene. So, for example, Scene 1 turns on lights A, B, C and D to 100%. Scene 2 sets lights C, D, E and F to 10%. If you also want moving to that scene to turn off lights A and B, then you should change the scene to include turning off lights A and B. Does that make sense? I think you are really trying to make this whole thing much more complicated than it has to be.


Hey @Ryan780
this is what im after.
Mode manager is controlling the modes. Simple lighting is controlling the scenes (as per the doc).
Day > Evening > Night

Scenes is holding the settings for what I want to happen during those modes.

Day = nothing

Evening mode (-60min before sunset) - turn on night mode (scene)
turn on 7 bulbs (dimmer levels and temp colour) + one TP link plug

Night mode - 745pm - turn on phase two (scene)
turn on 4 bulbs, turn off 3 bulbs (same bulbs as above) + turn on TP link plug

The reason I have night mode turning on bulbs in that scene (even though its a duplicate of the evening more) is that if we are out, mode manager is set to away (no presence) so if I dont have the mode turning bulbs on when we come back the mode will trip with only:

Night mode - 745pm
turn off 3 bulbs


And what is the problem? What is not happening that is supposed to be happening or what is happening that shouldn't?


the scenes listed / as pictured above are (not set).
but if I delete them and make them again they are set to (on). when I click on them to tweak the settings they change to (not set).


So what? If the lights are not set to the scene, the scene will show Not Set


not sure if you are really helping me here or confusing me more mate.
The scene is set to fire via the mode through simple lighting.
Should the scene be set to on, or is it set to (not set) because it is not currently on/fired from the mode/simple lighting ?
Why is it when I set them up, they are listed as (on) but after awhile they change to (not set) ?
in their default state (not activated by the mode/simple lighting) are they meant to say (not set) ?
There is nothing in the doc about (not set), thus my questions.


not set = not active. That's all.


lastly is there a dashboard tile I can use to see which tile is currently "on" ?

ah, and thirdly sorry - is there a tile that will show me the current activated scene ? can't seem to find one that reports the current scene


No. You would have to look at the states of the individual scene activation switches.