Groups and Scenes

Groups work fine

Comments on Scenes:

  1. I really like the capture idea. It makes it easy to get one's (simpler) preferred settings saved.
  2. I really don't like that the only way to set/change the attributes is by pressing the capture button. I'd like to be able to change attribute values in the app. Like in the Lutron RadioRA 2 software.
  3. The "Select button to push upon scene activation" setting only allows selection of a button device, not a specific button. Which doesn't work for multi-button devices that are used to set levels (example: RadioRA 2 keypad button).
  4. a bug, I think. On Philips Hue lights the capture only captures HSL values even when in color temperature mode.

That's an unintended bug. Will fix. Also will look into the Phillips Hue issue.

We considered this, and decided that a complex UI is not very appealing, especially when one introduces color bulbs to the equation. There are ways to do this however, such as putting the same devices into a Dashboard, along with the capture button. Adjust the lights in the Dashboard, hit capture. We can look at the auto-generation of such a dashboard as a possibility.


Thanks. I get the UI complications.

Ideally, after capture, there would be a grid, like the RadioRA software, where one could make changes to individual values. For lights, switches, and buttons you would need rows for devices and columns for on, off, brightness level, color temperature, hue, sat, level. With a way to denote RGB vs CT for color bulbs.

The UI constraints we are dealing with for now with apps do not lend themselves to this.

We are going to look at the autogenerated Dashboard, which would get you more than half a loaf... In the meantime, a Dashboard is the best way to go about getting what you seek.

Contradicting myself. Just added Adjust Scene page...

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@bravenel does groups and scenes replace groups legacy app?

Yes. The old one still works as before. If you uninstall it, it won't be available. The new Group in Groups and Scenes is superior to the old one, and completely replaces it.

I am going to assume there is no way to move current groups over to the new GS correct?

That is correct.

@bravenel, I am transitioning to the new Groups and Scenes app. Would it be more efficient to implement a scene for a large number of devices or simply select them in RM?
Use Case: When my home is set to away a rule runs an action that turns off all of the lights in the house.

If some are Zigbee bulbs, then using a Group with Zigbee option turned on will be more efficient.

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I thought of that after I posted and was going to be my next question. Perfect, thanks Bruce!


Does scenes capture color state?

Yes it does. There is a small bug in 1.1.4 with respect to color temperature being handled right, identified, and will be released. But, color should work. Please let me know if you have any issues. Young software, could still have gremlins...

So I do have issues. It is not capturing any of the color bulb states. Also I noticed that you only get status and level when capturing the scene. I can’t get the scene to replay correctly with TP-Link bulbs. :frowning:

My guess is that's an issue with the driver.

Reason you would assume that? This is the first time I have had issues with the TPLink.

Can you post a screen shot of the current state sections of one of your bulbs?

The events and attributes for this driver will need to follow our capability standards for rgbw bulbs, an example of which can be found in our public code repo.