Groups and Scenes - Setting level does not affect switch state


I have a Group & Scenes instance that controls two hue bulbs. When the lights are off and a setLevel command is issued, the lights turn on to the desired level, however, the switch state of the group switch stays off. This is inconsistent with "real" dimmers. Would it be possible to change this behavior?

Here is a view of the events. First, I set the switch to off via the off command and then issued a setLevel command to 20%. There is no switch event that changes the switch state to "on". The actual bulbs turned on though and the switch state of the Hue bulbs themselves also change to on.

This is troublesome for me when trying to react on the switch events with other rules.

I already recreated the group & scenes instance to make sure that there was not something wrong within that one instance.

I am on but had the same behavior with

Thanks in advance!

I'm not seeing that behavior with the group device created by the Groups and Scenes app.

I issue a setLevel command only from the device's edit device page and it also turns on the Group Device's switch. I would try deleting the group and re-creating it.

Thanks, I just re-did everything. Even removed the whole Groups and Scenes app and I still see the same behavior.

Any other idea for me?

Nope. I would contact