Groups and RM

I have 5 devices that have SO security which I want to remove. Removing it will break a lot of RM rules.
I read about the best way is with groups. So I created a group of this 1 dimmer device.
Now what? Do I recreate the RM again now using my new group of this 1 device?
If so.....

Then I exclude/include this dimmer to set it with no security. Then what? Do I go back to this group device and reselect my new included dimmer so I is connected again in RM?

Im not sure of the workflow here to retain a rule while I remove/install it again.

I never used Groups app before. Help anyone??

Have you considered going to Settings -> Swap App Devices?

Then you could just quickly replace the old device with the new one.

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But that will break RM rules before I can include it back.

Create a virtual device to replace it in the rule. Swap devices using the above swap devices app. Remove the original device. Add it back without S0. Then swap devices back from the virtual to the new device.


I've had a lot of luck using zwave replace.

I suppose that is a good way to do it. But it seems the problem is including the device back does not give me the option to set the security levels. I think I may have to use a Z stick to include it back and remove the security there.