Grouping Sonos speakers


I would like to put in a request to add Grouping of Sonos speakers. Like the Groups and Scenes app, could we get a Group that could group whichever sonos speakers we want in a set Group. I would like this for announcing arrivals and departures of family but I only want it to be on certain sonos speakers. And I would want it to resume playing whatever it was playing. Will this be possible at some point?


You can actually ‘group’ your sonos now using the sonos app
Once you have setup your group you just assign tts etc from Hubitat but you only need to use the ‘master’ of the group in any app (not each member of the group)



Oh yes, I know that except things change and the speakers don't always stay grouped into the group that you want. So if you have a speaker grouped into a group and then someone decides to listen to something else in that room then it isn't grouped anymore.


I know it is not the "easiest" way of doing it, but I am using a Node.js server running the Sonos HTTP API from jishi (GitHub - jishi/node-sonos-http-api: An HTTP API bridge for Sonos easing automation. Hostable on any node.js capable device, like a raspberry pi or similar.) and send HTTP commands via that API to group/ungroup Sonos players. Works great and reliably for me.


I do use this method also and it works but if I were to try and make rules using RM to announce family arrivals and departures from different locations, it would be easier to have them grouped in HE and select that group to speak random messages. I have a WC piston that does this but if I were to try to get rid of it, I think this would be the best way to have random messages speak on certain speakers.


Why do you need the grouping for announcements with RM? You can select several Sonos speakers as Speech Device. That would speak the message on all of the selected once and continue playing what was on them after the announcement is done.


Yes, I have tried this but it isn't simultaneous. Sounds a bit funny.


Any update on this? We would prefer to Group and Ungroup various speakers through RM if possible.


The Sonos device driver needs to be updated to support Join capabilities and then RM could be updated to expose the drivers capability through the RM UI. Of course if the ability was there you could also create a custom command in RM too.

@mike.maxwell could join be added to the Sonos driver based on work others have done using Node.js above?


Any update regarding the ability to Group and Leave Sonos speakers from Hubitat?