Grouping devices by X

I've now got so many devices (130), i'd love to be able to Group them in the UI (be that by room or by any other classification). Has anything been talked about on this? I found something from 2018 about grouping but it looks like it hasn't gone anywhere...

Not the best solution but I did this with my naming conventions.

• type - location - device

For example:

Light - kitchen - center
Light - kitchen - task
Motion - kitchen - NW
Motion - living room - NE
Motion - living room - SE

You can also sort the UI list by device type.

Funny, I did mine:

location - device


Kitchen - Desk Lights
Kitchen - Pendant Lights
Driveway - Lights
Driveway - Motion

I did too (Room first in naming convention).

Yeah, I can't find the post, but someone on staff (I think Bruce) mentioned that they were internally experimenting with ideas for some sort of grouping for the device list (rooms? categories?). As usual, they don't commit to if or when anything will actually be released, but they are certainly aware of the request.

In the meantime, I do what lots of others have suggested: room name first. For example, "Kitchen Motion Sensor" and "Kitchen Color 1" ("color" is my shorthand for RGBW bulbs) are two of my device names. You can also use the search feature in the upper right of the device list to filter devices based on any string, something I also do when I know any part of a device name and would rather type than scroll.

The other thing you'll probably hear is that your "Devices" list isn't something you're likely to be in day in and day out. For manual control and monitoring of devices, Hubitat Dashboard or any similar solution would be the recommendation--then you can group things yourself however you want (e.g., different rows or different dashboards for different rooms).

I really would like to be able to filter device selection/views by ‘category’ as well as by ‘room’ so I’m just bumping this thread a bit, we’ll by a lot.

Apple’s HomeKit handles this really neatly allowing categories like climate, lights, security, water, speakers etc. to be used, derived I assume from the device properties.

The categories classification along with room provides a solid filtering that is very useful for display purposes. It would dovetail nicely with HomeKit integration too.

Allowing custom other classifications / grouping enters the debate on one to many relationships and is still probably best avoided currently for simplicity.