Grouped lights being dropped

At sunset, I change the mode to evening. That turns on a scene that turns on 29 lights. I never seem to have a problem turning on the lights.
When we're ready to sleep, I trigger night mode, which turns off the same group as the evening scene. Most of the time, at least one light doesn't turn off.

When I look at the logs, the light that remains on has no log entry. Interestingly if I look at the dashboard, the light that should have been turned off is indicated as off. Even if the dashboard is refreshed, the light still shows off.

If you look at the log there is no event for 12/13 but there are prior events on previous dates. You will also notice on 12/14, I was able to turn off the light digitally.

Any Suggestions?

What kind of device is it?

Look at the Events for the device, button at top of device page. See if those events agree with your logs.

Ge/Jasco plug z-wave.

The events at the top of the device page are in agreement with the logs.

There is a randomness to the lights being left on. Typically there are one or two left on with no indication of an attempt in the logs. Some are further from the hub then others all are GE/Jasco dimmer, switches or plugs. In the case of this plug its less than 10' from the hub but does pass through a sheetrock and stud wall.