Grouped bulb device, average brightness when bulbs are individually adjusted?

Is there a proper way to group bulbs (i.e. Room Lighting) and have the activator dimmer average the brightness of bulbs if they're set differently? Hue groups (at least via CoCoHue) seem to behave this way if bulbs are adjusted individually, but Room Lighting devices don't seem to function this way when I have a mix of Caseta and Hue devices.

Is this even possible? Basically I'd like to set logical groups within rooms and have such group devices exposed to HomeKit via Hubitat for controlling them/seeing status, with the individual bulbs being exposed directly to HomeKit via the respective Caseta & Hue hubs.

Not with anything built-in, at least not easily. Depending on your options, the on/off state can be set according to the state of the "member" devices, but things like level, color, or CT are just the last command sent to the activator device.

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