Group of switches does not appear in Configure Scene switches dropdown

Just getting started with Hubitat...

I've noticed when I create a Group of switches, and then try to access that Group within Configure Scene, it only appears in the Select Bulbs dropdown box, not the Select Switches dropdown box.

Is there a reason for this I'm missing?


The group device advertises as a color bulb, so those will be in that list, not the switch list.

Thanks, Mike.

My confusion is that within Rule Machine, they appear as a Switch. But I guess that's because the bulbs appear as switches as well.

Yes, it all depends on how the device lists are built, so in the group app we decided to prevent the same device from showing up in multiple lists, this prevents the posibility of the device being selected more than once, but this isn't the normal pattern for device selectors.

A bit off topic... but any plans to allow a Group of Buttons?

What would you use that for?

I plan to have several multi-tap (scene and notification) switches where it would be nice to select the same action for the same trigger event across those buttons.

You can do that with Rule Machine. Select ā€˜Button deviceā€™ as the Trigger Event, then select the button devices that you want to have share the same actions. This assumes that those devices present the button capabilities.

Sure, I was just trying to streamline the operation with a group.

Really appreciate everyone's quick replies and info!!

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