Group not working

Back in September my hub suddenly died. Just got a new one and restored my backup file. For some reason my grouped WiZ bulbs aren't working properly with the new hub, even though I never had this problem with the old one.

Both bulbs work perfectly when controlled with my smart speaker, but the hub will only operate one of the two, and not even the same one every time-- it seems to be completely random

This is true no matter whether it is automatic through RM or via my HD+ dashboard. The only way to reliably control both lights in the pair is through my smart speaker

The logs indicate the hub thinks it is operating correctly, but it is not.

I have tried re-grouping them, but it did not fix the issue

Am I right assuming these are Wi-Fi bulbs?

What type of hub revision was your old and new hubs? E.g. C-4, C-5, C-7, C-8? Are you using a an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection for the new hub?

What platform version are you running?, etc?

When you say controlling the bulbs through a smart speaker, what type of smart speaker and how are the bulbs connected to the speaker's eco-system?