Group Messaging to a fixture leaving out a bulb

New member! Loving my hubitat. hoping to have some more time to set more devices up over the weekend. I have a fixture in my kitchen that I put 4 Sylvania tunable white bulbs into. I set them as a group in the groups and scenes app, but when I enable Zigbee group messaging one of the bulbs doesn't seem to receive any commands even though it is in the group. Removing group messaging seems to resolve the issue. The bulb also functions normally if I issue it commands individually. Thank you for any help you can give.

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The issue is the Sylvania bulbs. Keep the group messaging off as Sylvania never fully implemented Zigbee group messaging on them in their firmware.

You might also want to just outright replace them with Sengleds or something else as those bulbs will eventually cause you tons of headaches.

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This specific bulb seems to have issues in general, you can crash it by sending it a set hue command from the color class.
I have several other Sylvania osram lightify ledvance or whatever else we're calling ourselves this month bulbs on my dedicated bulb hub, and group commands are working fine on them.


That's too bad, I already read that they have some disconnection issues, are there any others I should be aware of? I got an unbelievable deal on them ($6/bulb) which basically made automating my whole apartment cost feasible for me. So I don't think I'm replacing them any time soon.

My recommendation is to go with Sengleds. They don't repeat and rarely fall off. For a standard white bulb, they are fantastic.

Plus, they are cheap as well. You can get them for as low as $10/each. For instance, this 4 pack from Amazon has them at $9.75/each.

I guarantee you that you will have issues as long as though Sylvanias are on your mesh. It's not a matter of if, but when.

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another option is to purchase another HE hub, and pair all the bulbs to this hub, this is what I have done with all my bulbs, this is less expensive than replacing all your existing bulbs with singleds...

I hereby move that from this moment forward, this shall be the only forum acceptable name for the Osram/Sylvania/Lightify/.... devices. IT shall be acceptable to abbreviate said name as "WEWCOSTM". :rofl: :+1: :clap:

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