Group Devices disappeared from the Devices page

For many month I had few Group Devices configured:

Suddenly I noticed they are disappeared (except for one) from the Devices page:

All they are still assessable to RM and even briefly appeared on the Device page when this page is refreshed.

I guess, I still can use these groups in RM but why they are not showing on the Devices page?
I am not sure when exactly they became invisible (definitely after migration to C8) since everything seems to be still working just fine.

Look at the text below the devices list where it says something like "Showing x to y of z entries." If you see any additional text like "(filtered from x entries)," remove the search/filter text from the top of the page. This is normally what causes that.

For example:

That was it. Thank you very much.
I am doing a lot of adjustments and accidentally few characters maid into this Search Filter.

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