Group delays when offline

Hi, I have several motion routines which turn lighting groups on and off. I've noticed that the speed in which the group turns on/off is extremely slow if one of the devices is offline (an unplugged lamp for example). It's the same if I turn the group on/off manually. Is there a way to get around this because sometimes my kids switch the lamps off manually which gives much frustration when the other lamps take 10 seconds to turn on?

What kind of devices are these? I want to guess Z-Wave based on the symptoms you're describing. :slight_smile: The best thing to do there would really be to find some way to stop the devices from getting turned off in the first place, but I realize that may be difficult with others in your house who don't understand the problem like you do...

That's good advice for Zigbee, too, but it's generally a bit quicker to re-route as needed. And there is a feature you can enable that might help: the "Zigbee group messaging" feature in your Groups and Scenes group or your Room Lighting instance (those are the only two native apps that support this feature -- not sure how you're "grouping" things, but hopefully one of those ways). This sends a single broadcast instead of one command to each device, so it's both faster in general and would basically also not matter if anything was offline.

If you're dealing with other things like a Wi-Fi device, that is surprising considering that, unlike the above, these devices don't form a mesh network on their own. More details about your setup would be helpful for additional troubleshooting if needed.

Thanks Robert, I'll have a play with the group messaging settings when back home. For info, all of my devices are ZigBee in this instance, however I'll update when I know more. Your help is always appreciated and valuable