[Groovy] getting data from app

Here's a bit easier question.

I would like an app to retrieve some data from another app in the same namespace. How would I go about this? I've gone between parent and child apps but not across apps. How can I call a method in app2 from app1?

You can't do this directly.

Depending on what type of data you want to pass, you could possibly use a Hub Variable; that would work for any of the data types supported by Hub Variables. For more complex data types you can use location events. The method sendLocationEvent can pass a map. In each case, one app subscribes to the appropriate event, and the other app either sets the variable or calls sendLocationEvent. This is how HSM communicates with Rule Machine.

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OK, thanks.

I thought I could setup a method to call. Hub Variables will work. I think the data I want is already in there. :wink: