Greetings - New Member Glad to be Here

In the process of converting over from Wink Hub 2 x (2) + Phillips Hue Lights & Bridge. Decent sized house + barn- 100+ smart devices - Lights-Locks-Sensors-Garage Doors-EcoBee Thermostats (3)-Ceiling Fan-Arlo Pro-Sirens-Arlo Doorbell- Alexa's everywhere.

I have converted all ZigBee RGBW Lights on one Wink Hub and have the mesh up and running thanks to good help here. Learning Rule Machine & have Alexa integration cooking with Groups & some scheduled auto lighting rules.

Thinking about leaving Locks(ZWave) on Wink since they work fine and are a pain to re-pair. Might do same with some motion+Hampton Bay lights. Considering if I should replace Wink 2 Hub in Barn since it works great. So much to do...

It is so nice to be able to configure from my desktop PC instead of a mobile app.... but looking forward to Android app.

The community is great and the flexibility Hubitat provides was impossible to resist since I do like to tinker. I have a question or two that I will post in the correct category.