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Hey, just wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased an Elevation after my Vera started taking its sweet time to turn lights on and off! So, now comes the arduous task of unpairing all my Z-Wave gear from Vera and pairing it to the Hubitat. Are there any caveats or pitfalls I should be aware of? My kit is mostly Fibaro wall dimmers and various z-wave plug sockets/dimmers.

Look forward to being part of the community,




Welcome to the community. Hopefully, you've checked the getting started documentation.
This is a great place to start. Don't forget to start close to the hub and work away.


Yes there has been some issues with Fibaro stuff on the C-7 hub not sure why but I know it's being worked on. It will be a driver update that is most likely.

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Welcome once again. As @BorrisTheCat mentions there have been some issues with the new C-7 hub rollout. The staff is working diligently to resolve them, however if you could hold off you might have a better "1st impression" once they smooth things out a bit. If you do need to jump in, please do so with some understanding that they are working on it. Some people have gotten a lil "upset" with the "growing pains", so I just wanted to throw it out there.

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Aha, well in that case I shall indeed hold off. I might get the hub out and install some non-critical non-Fibaro parts just to get a feel for it.