Great New Product: Zigbee Remote Control, ZYCT-202, Trust Smart Home

Has anyone tried using this product?
It appears to be a 6 Button remote control that looks like a (multi) light switch.
Apparently available from a New Zealand supplier.
Any comments?
Zigbee Remote Control, ZYCT-202, Trust Smart Home

Sold on Amazon UK site too, but with very poor ratings.
Haven't tried them myself though.

I'm just now connecting mine to my hub.
Pairing was easy but i do not get it to do anything, lookin at the log on the device it doesnt send anything when i press any button.

Be very interested to hear how you find it, it has horrible reviews, but fingers crossed!! :crossed_fingers:

Ye, i bought it before reading anything about it :rofl:

Off Amazon? At least it can go back if needed, although hopefully not.

bought it here in sweden from Trust Zigbee Fjärrkontroll med väggmontering ZYCT-202

Seems it will not work cause it acts as a hub rather than a "remote" i you read about it.

Gonna test it some more and se if this is the case, if so i'll return it to the store.

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Interesting post here if you also have Hue?

Yes i found that too, i have reset and rejoined it 4 times now and just nothing happens :unamused:

Nothing in the logs, no matter what driver i use for it

Damn it, maybe i should have opened my eyes before ordering this

This is from the retailers website (in swedish)

It says something like "Directly paired to the light source, no function to the hub"........


Otherwise DO NOT

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Dammit :cry:

Wait for this product. Supposedly going to come out in July. Waiting for this product for 2 years!

We're on EU frequency :frowning:

My condolences.
No wonder you guys like Zigbee better than Zwave - it's the same all over the world.
That's a tremendous advantage.

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The description talks about pairing directly with lights etc. It may not play well pairing with a hub. This is how things worked in the early days of Zwave where you had scene controllers in each area you wanted lighting control and there was no notion of a central hub. I have some old GE remotes.

This works the way the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote (discontinued) works unofficially with a Hue Bridge, but nothing else. And unfortunately, might be exactly the same with the new Lutron Aurora Zigbee dimmer.

The IKEA Trådfri steering remote is the same. Can be authorized to control the bulbs so touchlink pairing doesn't steal it, but noting else.

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