GrayWind Zebra Blinds Zigbee motor WORK with Hubitat

I just wanted to put this out since I had a heck of a time getting these blinds to work with HE due to a lack of a device driver.

They are the following blinds that I got on Amazon"

So pairing them to the HE first needed a driver to support it and the 'Yoolax Window Blinds driver' from Roger Castro on Github needs to be installed first, get it here:

You will have to copy and paste the code into the 'Drivers Code' window and save it. Then it will be usable.

2nd, place your blinds in Pairing mode by pressing the reset button 4 times then hold it for 3 seconds until you see it flash green, the blinds will also jog a tad.

HE will see it as a 'Yoolax Window Blind' and then save it.

3rd, To work with your voice control, like Alexa.. Remove the Hubitat Skill, add it back and select the new Blind you named it and Authorize the skill.

To control the Blind it is in Levels, 1 is closed, 3 is the first Zebra position to allow light thru, 2 is partial open, and then 50% to 100% whatever you want.

"Alexa, set Blind level to 3" and it will raise to the Zebra open position.
"Alexa, set Blind level to 1" and it will close to blackout.
"Alexa, set Blind level to 99" and it will raise the blinds all the way.

Now you can set Time of Day/Sunrise/Sunset Basic Rules, use motion or light sensor or whatever routines and triggers you want to open and close these blinds.

Working VERY well and this is how to get these blinds working with HE.





I just received my Hubitat today and proceeded to play around with it. I was able to add a device (Window 1) and assign it to a room. I also linked Hubitat to my Google Home account and for some reason it displays 4 devices. I get that the phone is counted as 1 device, but perhaps the other 2 are Windows 2 and 3, also Zigbee devices, but currently still with SmartThings and works with GH just fine. I have 3 Graywind blackout shades with the ZF motor. I wanted to test out one device before fully transitioning the other 2 Windows. And also because Smarthings things for some reason pairs with the device, but is unable to control it. It's constatnly grayed out with network or system errors message and thus GH is unable to access it. Hubitat finds the device and works on the Hubitat without issues. However, Google Home is unable to present me the option to see the Window 1 or any of the 4 devices and assign them a room when linked. I did not create any rules, I just need Google to have access to it for opening and closing purposes. I think the Yoolax blinds us the same motor as Graywind. Will your code allow Google to recognize my Window 1? It's frustrating when I am so close to getting it to work. Thanks in advance,

Is this supposed to be empty?

If it is like my Alexa, you will need to disable the Hubitat skill then re-enable it after your blind is added to hubitat and working and be sure you check the box for your blind. Common problem when you add a device. The Googs won't know about until you disable, re-enable and discover.

Hope that helps.

Hi mkgough,

Thanks for getting back to me. I still can't get Google to let me see where I want to place Window 1. HE sees it as a Generic Zigbee shade, even after loading the device code.

Did you add the device to the Google app in HE?

Yep. I tied it before linking it in GH and after linking it in GH. Still no avail. It's odd. Adding a device in smartthings automatically adds it to GH since they are linked. However, not all devices in Smartthings that show up in GH work, and it may not even work properly in their own app. My Window 1 works (opening and closing) on the Hubitat app, but when linking it to GH, GH doesn't show the device. If only it did, I'd be all set.

So on mine it sees and uses the Yoolax driver, not the Generic Zigbee Blind driver, so check that.

You should install the driver first then pair the blind.

You should see Yoolax as the device like the pic below.

What's the advantage of the user yoolax driver vs the generic zigbee driver?

Just wanted to thank you guys for trying to help me with my issue. Even though I am still not able to get Google Home to show me my devices (Window 1) in Hubitat, I was able to get Google Home to semi-work with my Window 1 in SmartThings. Therefore, I am going to just stick with SmartThings and their cloud, for now. I hope to see some neat things (that work) if I ever return.

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