Gratitude to Forum Members and Hubitat Staff

Hi Folks,

I just have to say, this Forum, it's Members and the Staff at Hubitat are really great. I have never seen or have had such support from all sides of a platform then this right here. Just a shout out to everyone to keep up the great work!
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Me too, I've been around here for 2-3 years now and am still in awe of the service other users provide each other, spurs me on to provide a similar level of assistance where I can. Glad to hear new people appreciate this as well...


Ditto... !!!! :heart:


Great platform, fantastic user/members, and top notch staff!!


Could not agree more! I am only a few months in, but the help of the community and staff is simply amazing! It has been a learning curve, so I appreciate everyones willingness to help.


This post prompted me to look back and see when I bought my first C5, March 2019. Like many I was a Wink escapee, and have been through a series of learning curves but have never been inclined to throw in the towel. I've got some serious DIY networking skills and can Google with the best when it comes to problem solving :wink: I love this platform, for me it just works; especially when I do a backup before I go off on a misadventure. On occasion I spend too much time but mostly for entertainment value. After all, for most, home automation is a hobby. Is there a resource available that could direct some of us to ways to help some disabled people that need these capabilities due to a lack of mobility? Even just Alexa / Google and a few smart devices?


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