Graphing web core use case - Room Temps

So, warmer weather finally hit here in the upper Midwest, and is here to stay. With that comes my annual dance with my dampers from my poorly engineered hvac runs. Example last night, one room on the 2nd floor was 6-7 degrees cooler than the others.

Here’s what I’m trying to do with a little more data insight:

  1. track out temp in each room with sensors installed.
  2. get external temp and potentially humidity from external site from my area. I don’t own a weather station yet.
  3. plug in my scheduled settings from my hvac, example sleep mode, wake mode, home mode.

I’d like to overlay 2 and 3 with #1, helping me find out the best overall damper settings.

Has anyone done this with the new webcore?

You can track any device you can get a reading from. I monitor outside humidity and temp on a couple graphs using my Ecobee or the OpenWeather device I have installed.

As for overlaying modes you can monitor on off devices in a graph. So if you assigned a virtual switch to each mode you could track when they are on and off.

This graph track various temps and shows when the HVAC unit turns on and off.


Thanks, setting up the graph was fairly intuitive.

Any recommendations on:

  1. Pull in data from an external source as an overlay (i.e. external temp (and/or humidity) from a website based on zipcode.
  2. Manually enter in HVAC temp settings at different times. My version of Smart Thermostat (bryant) won't interface.

I'll look at creating additional views/toggles/colors to show per room.

Thanks much!

For 1 that is what the open weather driver does. You set up an open weather account and it pulls weather data from you local area.

For 2 you could set up a virtual thermostat that mimics your actual thermostat. The virtual thermostat could be setup to the same schedule as your real one. You would need to manually change the virtual thermostat whenever you change the actual one, however. Go get you a new thermostat they are pretty easy to changed usually.

I have an Ecobee and I have been pretty happy with it.

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Unfortunately the Bryant has some proprietary functions from what I understand. Ecobee/nest may lose some of that functionality. Or… that’s just a scare tactic.
I had a Nest in the past in other units, was disappointed in the ‘smart’ manf one I had to use with this one..