Grandstream GDS3710 HD IP Video Door System

Anyone come across this, have any experience?


Looking for a PoE doorbell which would ideally work locally without internet (RFID/Bluetooth/proximity), have local calling on LAN as well as being able to do the normal iPhone app connectivity. Have internet outages here reasonably regularly so want to make sure I can get in plus that it would function as well as a normal doorbell.

Also want to control a gate from it but do have a GoGoGate2 could possibly use to trigger. Already have a Dhula 5231 to video the area in question.

Would like to be able to trigger integration into Hubitat or at least trigger routines off the basis of it.

Am looking between Ring Elite, Doorbird, Fibaro Intercom and also the Dahula video doorbells but not sure any one of them gives me everything.
Otherwise am I best to get a Ring and then use IFTTT to integrate for Hubitat?

I think that this needs an IP PBX system such as Asterisk or FreePBX (based on Asterisk). Both are open source but aren't trivial to setup.

Which one did you decide to go with?
My Ring pro just died and wanted a POE doorbel as well.
I see Doorbird has a API released which may let it work with Hubitat.
My Ring pro worked great for 2 years before it died and I had it setup with Hubitat using Alexa and virtual switches. Would be less work to set up.
The strange thing is Amazon owns them but does not sell the Ring elite.
Was kind of hoping for more integration with Alexa.
I also like my other Fibaro devices.

leaning towards Ring elite just because it will be less work to setup.

I went with a DoorBird simply because it could be flush mounted to the wall by our front door, rather than all the other offerings at the time that would stick out...and connect via POE...and supports ONVIF. The hardware itself is extremely well-crafted (German!) and makes for a premium entryway experience to our house.
That said, while I've figured out a simple way to let myself in via a simple GET command found in the API, I haven't figured out a good way to trigger other things in HE. There is a lot of spare circuitry that come with DoorBirds - I know there was a ST thread that suggested attaching a zigbee or zwave relay to them to measure the voltage. That's all I got though - sorry. Let us know what you come up with.

I haven’t managed to choose yet, nothing seemed to really do what I wanted but do need to make a decision in the next couple of days.

Anyone got any thoughts? Doorbird was my first choice but just seems to have poor support for when things go wrong from the web reviews but does look good

This would work well with free pbx for rpi raspberry(dash)asterisk(dot org)
I free pbx setup with a bunch of old cisco office ip phones that I use for house intercom.

This doorbell will use SIP, just like any other phone and will call them.
I also have soft-phones on mobile devices and wall tablets around the home where you can pickup the call.

However not sure how I would go about remotely opening the door. This unit has relay output, and the brochure says it has HTTP api for 3rd party dev so i'm sure it would be possible from hubitat.

If hubitat had SIP functionality for example hubitat would register to the PBX as an IP phone. You could then run trigger based on call received (from doorbell for example).

One other cool thing that may be possible; since it has RFID and code entry, maybe we could trigger to hubitat based on who in the family has entered.