Grafana Webhooks / MAKER API integration?

I'm trying to port over a Webcore piston that automatically turned on / off my AV Closet vent fan when temp gets to a certain threshold. The reason I'm using grafana webhooks to do this is I have a graph that monitors the temp difference grouped by 3m. When grafana determines that value is close to Zero (fan can't pump any more heat out of the closet), a webhook shuts the fan down.

Trying to use MAKER API to turn the fan on/off instead of webcore, but bumping into a problem. Looks like grafana webhooks can only send POST/PUT and MAKER API is looking for GETs?

Grafana reports "Failed to send webhook" logger=alerting.notifier.webhook error="Webhook response status 405 Method Not Allowed" webhook="HE - Turn AV Vent Fan Off"

Any way I can make this work with MAKER API?

edit: using this url for the webhook: http://[HE ip]/apps/api/XXX/devices/[Device ID]/off?access_token=[ABC123]

Not unless you can get Graphana to send GETs instead of POST/PUT...

Or use another middleware like Node-red to bridge the two.

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I've seen your posts in other threads about node-red and have been resisting my own curiosity since I have zero experience.

Guessing it won't last long. :man_shrugging::joy:

Eh, it has its place. Node-red isn't the fix for everything, but it is certainly handy to "glue" systems together since it supports such a wide array of protocols and connection methods (including HTTP POST....)

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