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I have influxdb and grafana running on my Synology Nas in docker. I have setup the HE to log the data in the influxdb and setup a dashboard. What I am trying to do is add a tile in the Hubitat dashboard to access the grafana dashboard. I tried the URL and that did not work, I then tried it with http://username:password@NAS_ip but that does even less. The option before at least opens a new page but says "refused to connect"

I would like to click on a tile and have it open the grafana dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated.

You may need to setup some of the settings I have used to embed a dashboard / chart. See some of my notes here referring to the configuration settings I adjusted:

Thanks will have a look at that.


Set a docker variable and you can now view your dashboards or playlist without auth still have to login to make changes.


Thanks, I also found that and I added that. I also added GF_SECURITY_ALLOW_EMBEDDING=true. It now shows the login screen to the grafana dashboard, I type the username and password and a green box pops up and says "logged in", then comes back to the login page. Not sure now???

Okay i got it working

What I added to the docker variables which made it work is below the last one I added which I think was the fix is
GF_AUTH_ANONYMOUS_ORG_NAME ="put_your_organization_name"

restart container

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Hi "gregish"

Would you mind sharing some details about how you did the installation in the Docker. I also have a Synology but am quite new to the Docker concept.

B.r. Jan