Grace period prevents lights from being turned off manually

Here is how I have the RL instance setup

Here is what happened according to the log.

The problem is that the light didn't turn off when I hit the off button on the switch. I did initially have "turn off when switch turns off: guest bath - lights" but that was worse. It would turn off, and then the transition would immediately turn it back on. Using the button pressed event at least prevents that from happening.

So how do I make it so when the lights are turned off, they actually turn off and not start transitioning?

EDIT: I also tried using the "use switch to stop transition" option and the light still turns off and then immediately back on to start the transition.

EDIT2: Uummm... after trying the above there is no way to turn off the "Optional: Use switch to stop transition" setting. The only thing in the dropdown is a list of switches. There's no way to select "no selection" or the equivalent that I can see. So I think the only way for me to get rid of it now is to create a new RL instance.

You could try settings it back to using the switch, and then there is a setting "Select Switches which determine all lights are off", not sure if that would keep it from doing the transition?

Here is how I have one setup, you can see I do not even have the actual light switch as a trigger to turn off (since the light is directly connected to the switch). I am using the setting I mentioned above so that the RL instance will switch to the non-activated state. Might also be this other setting I have marked in red for the transition which is helping.

If all else fails you could setup a Button Controller rule that directly turns off that light.

When I have set up other rooms like that in the past (granted I have not tried since right around the time RL came out) the problem I ran into is if the light was manually turned off. the RL instance would stay active for the remaining time left on the motion inactive it was waiting for. So you can turn the light off, come back a minute later and motion won't turn the light on because it's already "active". There may be a way around that particular problem.

Though... as I type that and re-look over your rule, I think what you say about the switches determine all lights are off might actually fix that. I will try setting it up like that and report back in a few minutes.

Yup... what you suggested totally fixed it and also fixed the problem I described. I went in; the light came on. I turned the light off as I walked out; the light stayed out. I waited for the turn off event for motion inactive to trigger. I walked back in; the light came back on.

Oh, but there is still the issue of not being able to turn off the "Optional: Use switch to stop transition" setting once it's been enabled.

@bravenel is there a way to do it that I wasn't seeing?

Sure there is, just deselect the device used here.

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