‎GP-AEOBTNEU Compatible?

I want to replace my Logitech POP buttons, as the Logitech hub is failing, and I am searching for Hubitat C-8 compatible buttons with (at least) 3 actions.
I am from Belgium.
Would this Smartthings Aeotec button be compatible?
Model name is ‎GP-AEOBTNEU.
Thanks to anyone who could help me.


Yes that’s a zigbee button that will work just fine with Hubitat.

When in doubt you can always check the compatible devices list :slightly_smiling_face:.

That’s why. It’s not on the devices list.

You’re right, the compatible list isn’t very specific about the SmartThings buttons, there are a couple generations of them. They should all work as generic zigbee buttons though.

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