Govee wifi meat thermometer

Anybody know if this thermometer could used in Hubitat. I foolishly bought it assuming it would at least work with Alexa. The plus side is this thing seems well built with very heafty probes.

Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer,

Not aware of any current integration anyone has for it. There are a few Govee projects, and there is one I know of Govee Immersion LED Strip which works with their Cloud API. That might be your best bet for something to at least start looking into how this might work or be made to work.

Bringing back an old topic hope someone smart sees it.

Govee meat thermometer now works with Alexa, but in true Alexa fashion she can't do anything with that information. Is their anyway to create virtual switch and bring these temp readings to Hubitat?

This device, if it can work has ALOT of applications. This could measure the temp in your dryer allowing for a very simple Dryer automation/notification. How about slipping a probe into your oven for accurate readings, or under your burners and set up an automation to alert you that you didn't turn them off. The best obviously is to know when your BBQ out in the smoker is done.

I have a govee light strip so I am a little familiar with the API but I only see lighting products being supported. You could reach out to govee to see if they have any API support for this item.

They do have an API but I have no idea what to do with it.

Do you have a PDF for it or a link? Post a link to it (upload to dropbox or something if you have to). Might be able to take the light strip driver and adapt it to this thing.

On the Hubitat side, you can access a number of virtual devices, including a virtual temperature sensor. The issue is likely to be trying to get a corresponding device set up in Alexa. I think there are only three virtual devices that can be set up in Alexa: a virtual dimmer/switch, a virtual momentary contact button, and a virtual motion sensor.

You could set up a routine in Alexa to compare a grill temperature to a setpoint and then have that result trigger a virtual switch whose status could be passed to Hubitat to trigger a notification or other action. However, I do not know of any way to pass the actual temperature readings from Alexa to Hubitat.

While there are many Zigbee and Z-wave temperature sensors that work with Hubitat, I am not aware of any that have a probe that could withstand the temperatures inside a grill or smoker.

Looks like someone did an integration with Meater+

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The problem is the API doesn't support it. Govee released v2 of there api a month or so ago. At that time they added options for home appliances and then a variety of other lighting/switch/plug devices. The new appliances are all outbound commands and not lookup based so you don't retrieve anything from the cloud for them.

They also just added local lan access as well to some devices. Those devices need specific hardware though and most devices over a year old I suspect won't support the local lan API. This would be the best option you would have to get support, though right now the limit to implement could be on the hubitat side. Part of the LAN Api functionality depends on UDP multicast which we as community developera dont have access to use on the hub. I have brought this up with support though and maybe it will get addressed. If UDP multicast gets enabled and the thermometer is updated to support the lan API and publishes updates to the multicast group then HE could in theory hear it update a device on it.

Those are some big ifs though, and I don't think Govee is focused on enabling devices for look up if they can help it. It adds ongoing overhead to the infrastructure they have to maintain. I would suggest anyone interested in this hit them up with this request as much as possible. At the least if it can pushing out via a Lan API then there is a chance.

I decided to go with Fireboard 2, which is a much nicer device IMO, and provides a simple API.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to integrate with Hubitat, but seems pretty simple.

I tried Meater but it's connection was terrible. Keep us posted on your work.

Realize this is an older thread. But, there is a driver in development that I am using for my Fireboard 2 Pro:

He was looking for testers at one point. I contacted him (@snell ), and he sent me a link to what he has in groovy.

I have been using it for a few months with a few rules I set up in RM, a few hub variables, and a dashboard. This allows me to get audible alerts when my Grill is at set point, or falls too low or gets too hot. I also have it set to calculate a flip temp for cooks and alert me on that as well as when the cook is done. (For low and slow, I just ignore the flip alert). It has been working great.

Note: it doesn't set up programs for the blower if you are using those. It just monitors and allows you to create alerts for your set temperatures on probes. I only use one Grill and one Meat(food) probe. But the driver can monitor as many as plug in to your device.


RM- Caclulate Meat Flip Temp - Hub Variables and Virtual Switch required

RM- Alerts for Meat At temperature - Hub Variables required

RM- Grill Temp Alerts - Target/Low/High - Hub Variables Required

RM- Kick Off Cook and start monitoring - Hub Variables and Virtual Switch Required

Virtual Devices and Hub Variables used

Alittle late but...

I wrote a webCoRE Piston that polls the Fireboard API for probe temperatures at a user-defined interval, then assigns those temperatures to virtual temperature sensors giving you meat and smoker values to use in automations or view in a dashboard. The Piston requires you to initially enter your username and password as variables, and then it constructs and polls the URL for you at a frequency you also set via variable. The only requirements are a Fireboard thermometer, a Fireboard account (credentials required for API), and a virtual temperature sensor per probe exposed to webCoRE.

I could add more functionality to it if needed, but all I really care about are temperatures. There's also access to sessions (active and historical) and Drive info, though I haven't found a use for that yet. If this is something you think you could use just let me know and I'll post the Piston.