Govee outdoor rgb strip lights Govee integration

Hello all
I have a covered patio area and plan to run the Govee outdoor rgb strip lights. My plan was to run it to an outdoor Zwave Plug dongle. Control it as i normally would via hubitat app or alexa app.

Ive read that there is a govee strip light integration. Can anyone enlighten me what this integration does? I briefly read the desciprtion and couldnt make out what the integration does which is why i am asking here. Also it doesnt list my model Govee i am going to purchase. I plan on using Govee H6173

Thankyou in advance.

The Govee Integration allows a user to control Govee devices using either Govee's developer Cloud API's or LAN API's based off of what the device supports.

Generally speaking if the device supports wifi and connects to Alexa or Google it will work with the developer Cloud API. A Subset of those devices also support their LAN API.

The H6173 you mention is a variant of thr H6172 outdoor led strip which supports both connectivity options. The most likely reason you dont see it on either lists is it is relatively new devices. The documentation for the Cloud API hasn't been updated at this point for some time now. I would be extreamly suprised if it did not support atleast the cloud API. Unfortunately Govee errors on the side of leaving devcies off these list as well so it wouldn't be surprising for it to be undocumented and support both.

The big difference between the Cloud API and LAN API control will be no Rate Limits, the ability to fade up/down over timeand the ability to control scenes. Both methods allow you to turn devices on/off, set brightness level, and set color.

Let me know if you have any other questions

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