Govee Integration for Govee Light, Switches, Plug, and now Appliances


I just published v2.0.15

This is just a bug fix for devices that use Working mode command. They will now properly update when the status comes back successfully

This change will only impact devices that use that command. They are any humidifier, Air Purifier, or fan.

I just published v2.0.16

The enhancements are below

  1. ColorMode Attribute will now reflect if the last state was a CT color, RGB, or a light effect
  2. The Effect will display it's number and name in the current states values. This applies to both DIY and standard light effects
  3. A new value was created for RGB number related to the RGB number sent to Govee.
  4. The DIY and Regular scenes displayed under state should be easier to read and use as unneeded data was removed.

Making progress. Removed my HPM install and installed the latest version, seems to be good now.
installed V2 of the Govee Integration. All of my devices show up in the App and I checked all the checkboxes but only one child device was created and it doesn't seem to work from Hubitat but it's status is "success"

hum ok can you please do a few things so i can dig into this.

  1. Can you list for me the device Model numbers. ie H7142
  2. Please check your live logging and see if errors were created. If not can you please set the app to debug and then click done again so it will attempt to add them. Then send me the logs.
  3. What device did add and what driver did it use.
  4. On the device that did add plase set it to debug and try to change something and then send me the logs for that specific device. Turning Debug on should let me see the flow of the call to the API and what the response was.

3 - H615A
2 - H615C

The one device that is added is a H615C using the GoVee V2 color lights driver (Sunroom LED II)

App log after add with debug enabled;

Device log after initialize and on command;
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.121 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.120 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.119 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.117 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.116 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.115 PMdebugsendCommand(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.113 PMdebugsendCommand(): Connection: keep-alive
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.112 PMdebugsendCommand(): Transfer-Encoding: chunked
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.111 PMdebugsendCommand(): Content-Type: application/json
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.109 PMdebugsendCommand(): Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2024 00:37:45 GMT
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:46.103 PMdebugsendCommand():[capability:[instance:powerSwitch, state:[status:success], type:devices.capabilities.on_off, value:1], code:200, msg:success, requestId:c08a5215-fc7f-4eed-97da-cff7cdbca32e]
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:45.808 PMdebugsendCommand(): powerSwitch, null, devices.capabilities.on_off, [uri:, path:/router/api/v1/device/control, headers:[Govee-API-Key:******, Content-Type:application/json], contentType:application/json, body:{"requestId": "c08a5215-fc7f-4eed-97da-cff7cdbca32e", "payload": {"sku": "H615C", "device": "DB:95:A4:C1:38:C5:6F:F2", "capability": {"type": "devices.capabilities.on_off", "instance": "powerSwitch", "value":1}}}]
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:45.806 PMdebugsendCommand(): c08a5215-fc7f-4eed-97da-cff7cdbca32e
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:45.778 PMwarnrandomUUID(): random uuid is c08a5215-fc7f-4eed-97da-cff7cdbca32e
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.193 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.191 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.190 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.188 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.187 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.185 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.184 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Connection: keep-alive
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.183 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Transfer-Encoding: chunked
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.181 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Content-Type: application/json
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.180 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2024 00:37:39 GMT
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.178 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Instance: diyScene value is empty. Skipping
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.176 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Instance: musicMode value is empty. Skipping
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.175 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Instance: lightScene value is empty. Skipping
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.171 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): devices.capabilities.color_setting colorTemperatureK 0
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.158 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): devices.capabilities.color_setting colorRgb 16746240
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.156 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): devices.capabilities.range brightness 128
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.153 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): devices.capabilities.on_off powerSwitch 0
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.151 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Instance: online value is empty. Skipping
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:40.146 PMdebuggetDeviceState():[[instance:online, state:[value:false],], [instance:powerSwitch, state:[value:0], type:devices.capabilities.on_off], [instance:brightness, state:[value:128], type:devices.capabilities.range], [instance:colorRgb, state:[value:16746240], type:devices.capabilities.color_setting], [instance:colorTemperatureK, state:[value:0], type:devices.capabilities.color_setting], [instance:lightScene, state:[value:], type:devices.capabilities.dynamic_scene], [instance:musicMode, state:[value:], type:devices.capabilities.music_setting], [instance:diyScene, state:[value:], type:devices.capabilities.dynamic_scene]]
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:39.911 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): 578826a3-f670-4f95-a182-7869ae4aea7b
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:39.909 PMwarnrandomUUID(): random uuid is 578826a3-f670-4f95-a182-7869ae4aea7b
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:39.857 PMwarninitialize(): Device is retrievable. Setting up Polling
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:39.855 PMwarninitialize(): Driver Initializing
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.521 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.520 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.518 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.517 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.516 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.514 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.513 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Connection: keep-alive
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.512 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Transfer-Encoding: chunked
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.510 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Content-Type: application/json
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.509 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2024 00:37:22 GMT
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.505 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): dynamic scenes loaded
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.503 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes():[[instance:diyScene, parameters:[dataType:ENUM, options:[]], type:devices.capabilities.dynamic_scene]]
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.247 PMdebugretrieveDIYScenes(): 01df4749-1743-4922-96c3-f278c8e0cdaf
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.246 PMwarnrandomUUID(): random uuid is 01df4749-1743-4922-96c3-f278c8e0cdaf
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.244 PMwarnconfigure(): retrieveScenes2() returned empty diyScenes list. Running retrieveDIYScenes() to get list from API
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.240 PMdebugretrieveCmdParms(): Adding [dataType:STRUCT, fields:[[fieldName:musicMode, dataType:ENUM, options:[[name:Rhythm, value:0], [name:Sprouting, value:1], [name:Shiny, value:2]], required:true], [unit:unit.percent, fieldName:sensitivity, dataType:INTEGER, range:[min:0, max:100, precision:1], required:true], [fieldName:autoColor, dataType:ENUM, options:[[name:on, value:1], [name:off, value:0]], required:false], [fieldName:rgb, dataType:INTEGER, range:[min:0, max:16777215, precision:1], required:false]]] to state value
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.238 PMdebugretrieveCmdParms(): found musicMode
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.235 PMdebugretrieveCmdParms(): found matching device
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.231 PMdebugretrieveCmdParms(): Getting command data for musicMode
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.229 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): Adding [] to state value
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.228 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): nightLightScene instance
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.226 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found diyScene
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.225 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found musicMode
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.224 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found lightScene
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.223 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found colorTemperatureK
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.222 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found colorRgb
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.221 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found brightness
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.219 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found powerSwitch
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.216 PMdebugretrieveDynamicScene(): found matching device
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.189 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.188 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.187 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.186 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Headers
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.184 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Access-Control-Request-Method
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.183 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Vary: Origin
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.182 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Connection: keep-alive
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.180 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Transfer-Encoding: chunked
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.179 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Content-Type: application/json
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.177 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2024 00:37:21 GMT
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.174 PMdebugretrieveScenes2(): dynamic scenes loaded
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:22.007 PMdebugretrieveScenes2():[[instance:lightScene, parameters:[dataType:ENUM, options:[[name:Downpour, value:[id:1670, paramId:1763]], [name:Sunrise, value:[id:49, paramId:46]], [name:Sunset, value:[id:50, paramId:47]], [name:Dusk, value:[id:51, paramId:48]], [name:Sunset Glow, value:[id:52, paramId:49]], [name:Star, value:[id:53, paramId:50]], [name:Lightning, value:[id:54, paramId:51]], [name:Starry Sky, value:[id:55, paramId:52]], [name:Universe, value:[id:56, paramId:53]], [name:Aurora, value:[id:57, paramId:54]], [name:Rainbow, value:[id:58, paramId:55]], [name:Sky, value:[id:59, paramId:56]], [name:Fire, value:[id:60, paramId:57]], [name:Forest, value:[id:61, paramId:58]], [name:Wave, value:[id:62, paramId:59]], [name:River, value:[id:63, paramId:60]], [name:Grassland, value:[id:64, paramId:61]], [name:Clear lake, value:[id:65, paramId:62]], [name:Desert, value:[id:66, paramId:63]], [name:Spring, value:[id:67, paramId:64]], [name:Summer, value:[id:68, paramId:65]], [name:Winter, value:[id:69, paramId:66]], [name:Fall, value:[id:70, paramId:67]], [name:Karst Cave, value:[id:234, paramId:214]], [name:Glacier, value:[id:235, paramId:215]], [name:Canyon, value:[id:236, paramId:216]], [name:Moonlight, value:[id:237, paramId:217]], [name:Cornfield, value:[id:238, paramId:218]], [name:Flower Field, value:[id:239, paramId:219]], [name:Solar Halo, value:[id:240, paramId:220]], [name:Solar flare, value:[id:241, paramId:221]], [name:Party, value:[id:71, paramId:68]], [name:Candlelight, value:[id:72, paramId:69]], [name:Christmas, value:[id:73, paramId:70]], [name:Halloween, value:[id:74, paramId:71]], [name:Ghost, value:[id:75, paramId:72]], [name:Valentine's Day, value:[id:76, paramId:73]], [name:Mother's Day, value:[id:77, paramId:74]], [name:Father's Day, value:[id:78, paramId:75]], [name:Thanksgiving, value:[id:79, paramId:76]], [name:Dance Party, value:[id:80, paramId:77]], [name:Disco, value:[id:81, paramId:78]], [name:Sweet, value:[id:82, paramId:79]], [name:Dating, value:[id:83, paramId:80]], [name:Romantic, value:[id:84, paramId:81]], [name:Twinkle, value:[id:85, paramId:82]], [name:Siren, value:[id:86, paramId:83]], [name:Fight, value:[id:87, paramId:84]], [name:Sports, value:[id:88, paramId:85]], [name:Game, value:[id:89, paramId:86]], [name:Movie, value:[id:90, paramId:87]], [name:Study, value:[id:91, paramId:88]], [name:Business, value:[id:92, paramId:89]], [name:Work, value:[id:93, paramId:90]], [name:Reading, value:[id:94, paramId:91]], [name:Afternoon, value:[id:95, paramId:92]], [name:Morning, value:[id:96, paramId:93]], [name:Night, value:[id:97, paramId:94]], [name:Sleep, value:[id:98, paramId:95]], [name:Night Light, value:[id:99, paramId:96]], [name:Leisure-A, value:[id:242, paramId:222]], [name:Leisure-B, value:[id:242, paramId:404]], [name:Meditation, value:[id:243, paramId:223]], [name:Care, value:[id:244, paramId:224]], [name:Sweet, value:[id:245, paramId:225]], [name:Fantasy, value:[id:246, paramId:226]], [name:Tension, value:[id:248, paramId:228]], [name:Flash, value:[id:249, paramId:229]], [name:Crazy, value:[id:1671, paramId:1764]], [name:Heartbeat, value:[id:1672, paramId:1778]], [name:Breathe, value:[id:100, paramId:97]], [name:Energetic, value:[id:101, paramId:98]], [name:Happy, value:[id:102, paramId:99]], [name:Enthusiastic, value:[id:103, paramId:100]], [name:Excited, value:[id:104, paramId:101]], [name:Active, value:[id:105, paramId:102]], [name:Warm, value:[id:106, paramId:103]], [name:Quiet, value:[id:107, paramId:104]], [name:Profound, value:[id:108, paramId:105]], [name:Longing, value:[id:109, paramId:106]], [name:Dreamland, value:[id:110, paramId:107]], [name:Relax, value:[id:111, paramId:108]], [name:Retro, value:[id:112, paramId:109]]]], type:devices.capabilities.dynamic_scene]]
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:21.724 PMdebuggetDeviceState(): 6d34321e-02a2-482c-993d-358dc903f852
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:21.723 PMwarnrandomUUID(): random uuid is 6d34321e-02a2-482c-993d-358dc903f852
dev:4822024-02-13 07:37:21.721 PMwarnconfigure(): Driver Updated

That shows you attempted the turn the device on.

And that is Govee's response to the API call with a success.

That stinks as you are the second person to have issue with the new APi this week. Please send a support ticket to Govee with and explain that you are trying to use the new APi and it doesn't appear to be working.

When reviewing your app these last 3 lines are the important ones

The bottom one shows what was changed when you clicked on done and saved the settings. The next one shows what child devices were already detected connected to the parent app, and then the last one shows that no devices were submitted to be added which is likely due to them already being installed because they were found as child devices in the previous line. Can you take a screen shot of your Devices Page on the hub so we can check what is there. It looks like they should already be installed.

I just confirmed that the models you provided are suppose to be supported. If Govee support can't get this working you may need to go back to v1. I am going to create a discussion post on the developer site about this as well so we can hit it from both sides.

For some reason the devices have appeared this morning in the device list. but they still don't seem to work. So, at least, we have one problem solved.

Ok. So unfortunately there isn't allot i can do about the cloud saying it was successful but then not working. I made a post on the developer discussion board.

At this point lets find out if we have a alternate control method. If you open the Govee app and then click on the gear item to load the settings and scroll through the options do you get a ability to turn on LAN control. Sometimes it can take a up to 10 seconds to appear. If that is a option you can setup a DHCP reservation in your wifi router and then setup Lan control for the device. You loose a few control options, but then you are not dependent on govee's cloud.

If the Lan control option isnt available your best option unfortunately may be to go back to the V1 integration. Nothing wrong with it, just at this point i am not doing any more development on it.

I have created a second thread to sepereate V1 and V2 issues/topics. There is a variety of reasons for the new thread least of which so much has changed that there really needs to be a distinction that it is a whole new way of processing Govee Cloud calls and there is a ton of new stuff supported that is outside of the scope of what the original app thread was really intended to discuss. I apologize if this create confusion for anyone, and i probably should have created this separation a while ago.

The thread for Govee Integration V2 is here

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As usual it turns out to be operator error. i thought i had reconnected all my IoT devices to the new network but i failed to add the GoVee devices. Connected the devices via the GoVee app and everything seems to be working fine.

i just assumed i had already done it because the App would control the devices. i'm still puzzled exactly how that works since i only see one device connected via bluetooth.
Thank you for your patience and i'll continue to see if i can break it again.

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