Govee Integration for Govee Light, Switches, Plug, and now Appliances

I'm guessing the lack of replies indicates that nobody else has figured out the DIY part of the Govee app...

I just released 1.0.49 of the Govee Integration. This update adds preloaded scenes to the Perm Outdoor Lights. Thanks to @mafitz2380 for extracting and providing them.

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I have just dabbled with it. I have created a few DIY's but i wouldn't say i know enough to tell anyone how to really do it.

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I’m in the same boat as @mavrrick58, I’ve created one and found it very difficult to figure out. Once I found the right screen, it seemed to work out. However, it is only a static layout. No idea how some create those awesome dynamic layouts.

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Same here. I have done a few DIY scenes but I had to relearn each time because the UI is such a convoluted mess.

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I thought it was just me!

I could create those static "scenes" or whatever you call it, but then what? I could find no way to change colors, dim, or even save that scene.

I gave up and just used someone else's pre-made scene. Even that is a convoluted mess, you have to save it, rename it, move it to a folder, move it to a favorite, and then you can activate it.

I think Satan, Marquis de Sade, and Miss Teen South Carolina worked to create this app.


I dug though Youtube and other places, and everything I could find either didn't work, or was so out of date it didn't match what was going on in the app.

I don't know how people have figured out that disaster of an app???

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I feel better hearing fellow geeks struggle with this app. I've sat down to "just figure this out and bang out a few scenes" only to give up in defeat a few times. Ugh. What a mess.


I have created a couple of Snapshots that have animated lighting like a Scene but you can't open back up and edit or even see the settings of the Snapshot. Also, if you save a snapshot with same name, it creates a 2nd with same name instead of replacing previous Snapshot with that name.

I don't understand the DIY nor see a way to create what they call Scenes. Snapshots seem to be same as Scenes.


How long does it take them to respond to an API request? It’s been a few days but wanted to get some idea what to expect and to continue checking spam folder. Thanks.

I have found their support to generally be responsive. Most of the time I get a response in about 24-48 hours, there have been a few occasions it has been close to a week though. How did you request it. I have also had the best success doing it through the Govee Home App.

What is the question? Maybe I can help answer it and it could be useful to others?

Thanks. No question. I just requested access to the cloud API through the app.

That in most cases appears to be almost instant. Definitely check your inbox and your spam/junk folder.

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I have been looking for a smart 2 outlet plug that wouldn't block the other plug in a wallplate and couldn't find a Z-Wave or Zigbee one. I saw this one, and I know there is a Govee user written driver for some Govee products, but I didn't see this one on the list. Is there a driver for this wi-fi dual plug?

I am sorry to say that right now this isn't a supported device. I do believe that there is a possiblity of it in the future once they update the API, but as of now this isn't supported. The only Plug devices that are supported are the single outlet devices. I have the H5086 and i believe the H5080 and H5081 are supported as well.

The problem is their API doesn't have a way to activate multiple switches on one device. There is some evidence this will change, but who knows when that will actually happen.

Another option is the zwave double plug from Zooz. The Zen25 has two independently controlled plugs and a usb plug on it. It could work for what you are looking for. Just be very careful with the power reporting options, or better yet just turn them off if not needed.

Thanks for the Zooz tip. I'm not using power reporting for what I plan to do with it, so if I get it, I'll turn it off,

I just posted 1.0.50 of the Govee Integration. This is largely a enhancement to prevent un-needed actions to help with CPU load on reboot or other times.


  1. Tasks were removed from each driver initialization task to configure task to prevent un needed load during hub restart.
  2. Removed un-needed tasks to device creation for light effects.
  3. Updated process to initialize and cleanup preloaded scenes to handle recent changes for additional states.
  4. Updated process to update API Keys if it is changed to it's own method instead of each driver.
  5. Added validation to driver to only request main app to update device light effects if the device type light effects did not already have a state value.

This isn't a required change, but I would suggest it. This should help with startup load on the hub as it will prevent unneeded heavy tasks on startup.

After this change the main app will only refresh the scenes when they don't exist. If you think you should have more scenes available go into the scene management menu and click on the button to "Reload Preloaded scene data". That will clear everything that is loaded and then re-run the load process. When a device is enabled for Local Lan Control and has a IP specified the preloaded scenes will be added and updated on the device.

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Figured i would let everyone know i just got in a Govee Galaxy Light Projector Pro that I am testing.

Good news is it supports both Cloud and LAN API already. The cloud API implementation is somewhat limited, but the LAN API implementation is pretty good. The big miss is controlling volume for the device is a miss for both control methods.

At this moment the add process that interact with the cloud will add it as a White light device only. If you have it now and want to use it i would suggest you do these steps.

  1. Add it as normal and let it install with the default driver based on how it is detected.
  2. Update that driver to the "Govee Lights, Plugs, and Switches Driver"
  3. Configure LAN Control to make all options avaliable. Only setting White Color Temp does not work with that driver from my testing.

One potential work around for the lack of volume control may be to use a DIY to set various aspects of the projector. I am going to test that out in a bit after I do the extract of the built in scenes. It is larger then an expected, but so far kind of nice. Could be a good option for those that like space and are looking for a decent white noise maker.

I may also need to create a dedicated driver for this similar to what I did for the Aromoa Diffuser devices.

First time exposed to Govee this evening. Wow, their app is Iike what would happen if Minnie Mouse and Pee Wee Herman had a love child. But I digress….

I see mention of the aroma diffuser (H7162) in this thread, but it’s not in their list of supported devices, nor @mavrrick58’s list either…. and I can’t seem to get the LAN API toggle to show up. I’m flummoxed.

Would folks not expect the aroma diffuser to work in this integration?

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Fact check: True