Got my Orbit Smart water timer in today. But I have an issues with my water spicket

The water spicket that is around the front of our house sit low to the ground. When I added the Orbit Smart water timer that only leaves me with only 4 inch clearance to the ground. Not enough room to add a water house.

I don't want to just add a 90-degree elbow between the water spicket and the Orbit smart timer. Because the would put a downward stress on the plastic connection on the Orbit smart timer and cause them to break from the weight of the hose with water pulling down on it.

I could cut down and make a 3ft section of water hose and add that between the water spicket and the Orbit smart timer, and just lay the Orbit smart timer on the ground?

Any suggestion would be great, thanks.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 1.57.36 PM <-- at Lowes

Hose thread right angle.


A splitter might give you the room you need and leave a spout for the car wash hose

Can you dig a bit of a hole under the spigot to make room?

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