GoSund Smart Plug integration

I got a pack of 4 GoSund mini smart plugs, I couldn't really find anything on how to add them to the Hubitat, are the GoSund products just incompatiable?

Gosund devices are based on the Tuya platform.

They are not compatible with Hubitat.

They MAY be able to be converted to tasmota firmware, which makes them into a simple http device that could be compatible.

Do a search on "Tuya" and "Tasmota" to find detailed information.

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This device can be flashed with Tasmota using the Tuya-convert method. More details can be found here.

I've never done the method, I've always flashed my devices with a serial adapter. But it sounds fairly easy.


There’s also a way to get these working natively without flashing.. but it’s a little technical. PM me for a method to do that.

Hi I also have the gosund wifi plug and would like to find out how to get them working on Habitat without flashing. Thanks

looks like @adamkempenich has signed up to be the GoSund support for Hubitat. :wink:


Lol I guess so!

Now that the socket bug is fixed I’ll release the code publicly :slight_smile: It works with Tuya switches


@adamkempenich where is this code?

You can find it here:

[Proof of Concept] Tuya/SmartLife Switches - Local Integration