Google nest

Probably been asked a thousand times before but searching the topics I can’t seem to get the answer I’m looking for.

All this hubitat home automation is new to me.

I’ve been buying google nest products,
Doorbell wired
Home hub max
And various minis

Can’t seem to add these devices into hubitat and I don’t want to be replacing the google products.
Any advice on what I need to do?

@davevw32 There is some integration (and not easy) Some of the dev's are working with googles current api. That said, they are wifi products and cloud based. Not something that HE is very interested in. Because of that it's unlikely that the staff will develop anything natively. There are several threads on current alpha integrations if you want to join it. There are far better thermostats than the nest for lots cheaper (Honeywell T6 z-wave or GoControl to name a few). Being a hub in itself, you wouldn't be able to connect the home hub max to HE...The mini's can be integrated with either the built in integration or the community integration (which is a bit better) This can be installed via Hubitat Package Manager. I could be wrong but I think the doorbell is also included in the alpha testing. I'm sure someone will step in and correct me if I've explained badly

Hi thanks for the reply!

In terms of the thermostat, yes they are others out there which would work but I’m not prepared to go out and buy another product
The nest thermostats aren’t cheap!!

Hopefully others will have some sort of input

Yeah that's the nice thing about the ones I mentioned. The gocontrol is 50, the Honeywell usually runs 99.

I am the developer of one of the community App/Driver combos using Googles new (last year) API: [Beta] Google SDM API - Nest integration

As mentioned, the setup is a bit complex (can thank Google for that), but I've tried to make the steps as clear as possible in the GitHub README file. Officially, this supports full control of the Nest Thermostat, and monitoring of camera/doorbell devices - motion, person, and sound events, as well as automated image capture when an event occurs. There have been reports in the last couple months that the integration no longer receives events from the Nest Hub Max - though Google claims its camera should report - seems like possibly broken by a firmware update on Google's side.

Hope this helps - take it for a spin if you like,and drop a note on the main thread if you have issues, will do my best to help you out!


Any word on when the smoke detectors will be included in the API?


Nothing but crickets on smoke detectors :frowning: - lots of folks hoping support will be added, myself included.


My solution was to use ecolink firefighter z-wave... Works well. I also hope at some point someone will do a HomeConnect integration as the API is wide open. (I'd be willing to pay a case of a dev's favorite beer for it) to turn on my hood fan without having to use ifttt

Home Assistant works fine with it..

Works fine with HE at this point as well with oauth. Unfortunately nest protects are not included in the API at the moment.

Directions please.

@mrshytown [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration

That said, Nest thermostats really aren't that great. You should look at the Honeywell t6 z-wave pro or the GoControl. You can do so much more and have it save a lot more money combining it with thermostat scheduler and they are not cloud based

So question. When I try to open the google device access link it gives me a blank screen....

I'm not the one to ask on that. I don't use it myself (I have a honeywell t6 pro z-wave which is way better. Why I got rid of my nest. Now my nest protects? Love those. Use them with ecolink firefighters

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Has anyone added Nest to Hubitat lately? The developer web page for nest has changed dkilgore90 how to is no longer correct

Can you elaborate on which step(s) are incorrect/don't work?

To be clear, are you referring to the README for my community integration?

Wish I could get my nest protects into Homekit.. Don't wanna add homebridge)

Yes on the readme
When logging into Nest account the only option there is to create a project,
So If I jump down to create a project I have to enter the OAugh client ID

Correct, as mentioned in step 2, we are only establishing the sandbox and accepting terms and conditions (specifically mentions do not create project yet). Step 3 jumps back to the quickstart (perhaps I could make this clearer) and establishes the Google Cloud Platform project, to generate the corresponding oauth credentials. Once this is complete, steps 8/9 return to the Device Access Console to create the Nest Device Access Project, with the oauth credentials in hand.