Google Nest Wifi as Speakers for TTS

Before I waste to much time on this, is it possible to use the Google nest mesh pucks (with built in speakers) as speakers for announcements?

I have them setup and showing as speakers but cannot get them to announce using the basis rules app.

For slightly more details, attempting to use a door contact sensor to trigger an announcement over the Google speakers that the door is opened.

That rule looks sound. However, it has been my experience that the Beta Chromecast integration doesn’t work consistently. Because of this, I have been using the Alexa Echo Speaks community integration instead for notifications.

I have two that I use for announcements..They have been pretty reliable for me. Are you able to send speak commands from the device page?
I would also recommend using the polling setting from the app page or some kind of rule to initialize them on a schedule....there is also a chrome cast helper community app available too.

I've had 9 Google devices making announcements for a couple of years now. As long as I use the app called "Chromecast helper" to keep the devices initialized, they work quite reliably for me.

Thanks all. Reset them all, deleted and recreated the rules and messed with the volume settings and seem to have them working decently. The Google hub still isn’t working but I can troubleshoot and/or do without it.

Now for my next trick, is there anyway to change the TTS voice?

I noticed a difference when setting up a hub (Google Home Hub or Google display) for TTS notifications when compared to setting up a regular Google speaker. The hub (or display) seems to need the setting called "Delay before speaking, seconds" set to at least 1. When set to none, you hear the tone that precedes a TTS message but never hear the message. When set to 1 it seems to work.

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Yes, the TTS voice on Google can be changed under:

Settings -> Hub Details -> Default Text To Speech (TTS) Voice

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