Google Hub TTS backlog


How come my TTS is failing to play from rules and when I rediscover my chromecast devices it suddenly starts playing the backlog/queue of messages it should have played before?

Device has a fixed IP.


Mine missed a TTS request on whatever day the latest hot fix was.
I applied the hotfix and it suddenly played.
Odd behavior for sure but it seems to be working fine now for me.


I have noticed the same thing. I guess that why @mike.maxwell calls the Chromecast Integration a 'Beta' at this time.

I have DHCP reservations for all of my Google Home devices, but they still randomly stop responding to TTS requests every now and then. Going into the Device Details page, and clicking INITIALIZE, gets tham back to working. Since INITIALIZE is called every time the hub restarts (like for a firmware upgrade), I believe that is why @keithcroshaw saw the behavior with the hotfix update.


I'm just happy it's official integration and it works most of the time.
I'm relatively easy to please....


Have you tried a period rule to refresh or initialize every so many hours? Should keep the device active without causing too much extra work.


I rebooted my hub the other day and about 40-50 messages played all over the house. It was kind of funny but it would not have been if the kids were sleeping!


Same problem here, but only one of the two Minis locks up. The other one has only locked up once,


I just created a Rule Machine custom command for 'initialize' and then set up a RM Trigger to call that command on one Google Home Mini device every day at Noon. I am hoping that this helps to keep the connection alive. I have warned my wife that a bunch of phrases might stream out loud at Noon.


I’ve included ‘initialize’ in Speaker Central’ to help with this.
The command is sent before each ‘speak’ event.
This has kept my GH minis online since I started using it.



I noticed this as well several days ago and posted about it here: [Chromecast uriQ (message queue stalled)]

I've since taken a suggestion that I received to periodically initialize the speaker/group using rule machine. I posted a quick screencast (Loom) of how to do it here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software