Google Home with Multiple HE hubs


What are others with multiple hubs doing for Google Home integration?

So far I've been using HubConnect to get devices all on one hub, then just have Google integration on that one hub.

That works fine for simple devices (lights, switches), but last time I tried it with a repeated thermostat it didn't work well (maybe things have changed, it's been a while).

If I remember correctly you can't link multiple HE hubs to a single Google account.

Other thoughts / options?


GH is a mess if you try to put multiple properties into it. Although it supposedly supports multiple "homes" I've found it sucks at demarcating the devices so that if you are at one property you don't inadvertently activate a device at the other property. Maybe this is just me or because I have the same WiFi SSID at each location. In the end I've set up 2 separate Gmail accounts, one for each property and am managing them separately, with 1 hub at each. Now I just wish the Hubitat account properly supported multiple locations/hubs instead of only supporting a single location and getting confused as to which location applies to which hub for the geolocation service.


I use hubConnect and have a separate ‘media’ hub.

This works really well for me
The hub has:

GH minis (6)
Echo speaks devices (6)
Sonos Speakers (2)

All along with all my ‘speaking’ apps (message central, speaker central & mp3 player)
This means if any of the devices or apps pull the hub down then it does not affect any other hub.



That's pretty close to what I'm doing, too. Although Google integration is on one of my 2 'radio' hubs. I have thought about moving it to my 'cloud integration' hub, where it belongs in my architecture, but have been too busy to do that.

Not sure I really need to change anything, per se, but while I was setting up the CATT app to use dashboards on my Google Nest Hubs it made me wonder what other multi-hub owners do.