Google home support

Yeah, you just set up the Assistant applet to issue a voice command and then do whatever in the hubitat skill.

It’s a bunch of manual setups but for simple things its pretty quick to set up the If this then that for the assistant.

So in the meantime we use IFTTT to configure the voice commands. But do you still try to have full integration with Google? And do you think that this could work in the near future or if the steps with Google are very complicated?

We can’t give out specifics to when but our plan is to support google home natively.

If people want to do basic stuff with it, IFTTT works today.

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Just ordered my Hubitat - excited for it. But adding my voice to those asking about google home integration. Wont be able to switch over until the boss (wife) can tell google to do things. In terms of time frame, are you guys thinking weeks, months, year?

Right now, you can use ifttt to do almost anything with custom trigger words.

Google home is a high priority for us.

As Google Home and Echo's are on sale again, was just about to pick one up to start playing with the port @ogiewon did for the Google Home Assistant Relay Driver. Just curious if we're close to having TTS via Cast that @mike.maxwell mentioned was in the works, and ideally full integrated support for Google Assistant?

Does anybody else look at the Google Home app almost daily to see if Hubitat is listed?! Last piece to be able to turn the 'other' hub off.

All those wasted cycles just so I can talk to the house :grin:
app:52018-07-09 20:24:04.644:debugSmartThings Response: Success (Updated 75 Devices)
app:52018-07-09 20:23:59.179:debugSending 75 Devices to SmartThings


Short answer, No. I have two Echos. But I do hope support is on its way soon. Having said that, I found that I really only needed to program a handful of lights with IFTTT applets to control them, because the Hue lights and the two iDevices products I have are already Google Assistant compatible. Will be nice to have faster control from Google Assistant, but I must admit that the Google Assistant > Hubitat applets are really fast (there's a 3 second delay). If I didn't have Echos I wouldn't be satisfied with that 3 second delay, but it's serviceable.

I am really enjoying the Google Assistant Relay driver @ogiewon ported, and I love that is gives me another avenue to control unsupported devices. I have it announcing doors, laundry status, and I can ask for status update and get a response. I know that status reporting is possible with Alexa, but not so easy to setup. I generally like the experience interacting with Alexa better than Google Assistant, but Google has really surpassed them in many ways.

I used to check daily.... but now its more like weekly... Still waiting for a "top priority" app to be developed


Can't explain why it's so fast, but when I asked Alexa twice to run my goodnight sequence last night, it responded with "goodnight", but did nothing. I then ran the goodnight sequence on Google Home and it shut everything down in roughly 0.5 a second!

Why this is so surprising is, Google's cloud is talking to IFTTT's cloud, IFTTT's cloud is talking to Hubitat's cloud, which is tripping a virtual switch, and that is running a HomeKit automation that turns on a HomeKit Goodnight scene. That good night scene is turning off Homebridge HomeKit switches that are turning off Insteon switches and an iDevices switch. This all happening simultaneously in half a second (no popcorn effect) is astounding.

Is there any update on this? Google Home support is the last thing I have running on my SmartThings. Perhaps we could get an estimate as far as versions like we’ve seen for the Lock Manager? (I believe it was mentioned not for next .12 but possibly version after .13)

I’m aware of IFTTT support but am looking for native support.


If I understood a Facebook post correctly, the integration is currently in a validation phase at Googles (?) end. So, fingers crossed I guess. :slight_smile:

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I'm craving, jonesing, coveting, needing, desiring, lusting, longing, yearning for the Google Assistant integration. It is a huge part of how we control our home and I have to have it before I cut over.

This afternoon I put a scene controller and a handful of lights on the Hubitat. The speed was incredible. In fact, the buttons worked so well on the scene controller that commands were queuing up for the lights. I had never seen that before. Normally with fast button clicks on the scene controller pushes would be lost. All pushes registered and the hub just queued up a long set of commands to send to the bulbs as the bulbs reported back each successful command.

I did not realize how good local processing would be until today. I must have it.


Google assistant integration is the key to disconnect my ST hub completely, at least I use google to turn on or off my lights but I want to disconnect ST completely.

Same here...I've heavily invested on Google Home products!:sweat_smile:

I still got some Zigbee drivers not behaving correctly in Hubitat......might take awhile before migration.

Would jump into Hubitat with both feet if it was ready for Google.

Also waiting for Google Home/Assistant integration. As a user of both Amazon and Google for voice control of two homes I see advantages with both systems but have settled on Google due to the better knowledge graph. Running the original Smarthings hubs in 2 different locations with a number of custom devices and I assume that you have a solution for multiple hubs/locations? Since everything other than Blink (curse you Amazon) is fairly stable I am in no rush to dive into setting everything up again without some assurances. Once Google Assistant is integrated and I am sure there is a solution for 2 locations the only remaining factor is a visual working dashboard like ActionTiles or SharpTools. Just watching and waiting.

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FYI - SharpTools is already working with Hubitat. You can cross that one off your wish list! :wink:

I have two Hubitat hubs running fine at my home. One for 'Production' and the other for 'Development'. They both work fine. Do you have any specific concerns about running multiple hubs?

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Thanks, I haven't had a chance to keep up with SharpTools but just got access to the rule engine a few days ago. I have had correspondence with Joshua in the past and he is a very competent programmer. My biggest concern is how Hubitat is going to integrate with Google home. Currently my two hubs can't be accessed via my one Google home account. SmartThings forces you to pick one Hub or the other. That's why I'm currently running Amazon at one home and Google at another. The only current workaround is to use a separate Google account but that forces me to get double subscriptions to things like Google Music. Not an issue on a family plan but not ideal. Is Amazon able to access both hubs with the same account?

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That is a very good question! Maybe @patrick would know the answer? I don't use Alexa on the development hub, just the production hub.